GSoC 2018 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet

Let’s use this thread for general information for students who are interested in Google Summer of Code 2018. We have not yet applied, nobody has…but intend to.

We are still formulating our project ideas, but have taken the projects we did not complete from last year and migrated them to this year.

You can view our current project ideas here. There will be more added in the coming weeks.


Hi, am mua Laurent computer engineering student at university of Buea Cameroon. I am so exited to be part of this wonderful community and can’t wait to get my hands on my keyboard. I code in C , python , html5, JavaScript, css3 , php and sql. Also know a little of java though not so profound.As a newbie I would love to use this as an opportunity for me to showcase my skills and also interested in GSOC.Not only so I see this as an opportunity for me to learn and gain experience in the open source world and help others why not in future. Thanks librehealth.

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Hi, my name is Daksh, I am from India. I am an Electrical Engineering undergraduate student at the Indian Institute Of Technology, Mandi. I have since long, wanted to be involved with a community and work with the people collectively and GSOC is a perfect opportunity for achieving this, looking forward to be a part, and doing awesome things along with you people.

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hi , i’m nour ahmed , in my last year in computer science bachelor degree , i have experience with different programming languages java , php, and way other things , looking forward to be part of this community

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I’m Larry from Buea, Cameroon, a two times GSoC student and active contributor to LibreHealth Radiology. Looking forward to participating in GSoC for my third time but this year as a mentor. :slight_smile:

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Woot! Welcome addition

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Im a software eng. undergraduate affiliated with university of Westminster. I’m waiting to apply librehealth for this year Gsoc. I’m mostly a web developer.

Glad to be with you community.

Regards, Dinuka.

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I’m Jake Du, and I am from Memphis, Tennessee, I am a GCI 2017 Student, and am looking forward to applying as a minor mentor for GSoC. Would love to help out new students and learn more while helping others!

Glad to be a part of this exhilerating community!


Jake Du


I’m Rodrige, a final year Computer Engineering student, GCI Mentor and LibreEHR contributor. I look forward to participating in GSoC 2018 here. Love contributing to the EHR project.

Hello!!My name is Abhinav and i am really excited to give my first try in GSOC 2018. I code in PHP , JavaScript , MySQL and HTML. Can someone please suggest me where to start from because I want to work for LibreHealth for long coming time. Please help me to make my proposal strong for LibreHealth. Any suggestions are welcomed at

Hi, I’m Abhigyan, a Computer Engineering undergraduate. I am looking forward to participate in GSoC 2018 here at Librehealth.

Hi! I’m Anirudh. I’m a final year student in Computer Science Engineering. Looking forward to contributing and taking part in GSoC. I have a decent array of skills in web development and am excited to apply those and contribute to the organization.

Hi folks, Thank you for selecting our organization to engage with. Our history with the GSOC and GCI programs has been of great benefit to our mission, and I like to think that the students have enjoyed themselves too. This is exciting to me, as I know that many of you will be friends I grow to value as we work together in the future.

We are easy-going folks here, but GSOC seats are of limited availability, and competition for those seats has proven to be pretty intense. For whatever reasons, our projects have attracted a lot of amazingly skilled and dedicated Students/Interns. We were extremely lucky to get four (4!!!) seats last year. We were prepared to get only one among all the proposals and the three active projects/repos.

I couldn’t say why our organization garnered so much high-quality interest, but if you ask me, the reason why we were allotted four seats for GSOC2017 seems very simple: The students and their project proposals were flat out excellent.

In all honesty, there may be projects out there in which you will find less competition. I actually lost sleep before the selection numbers came out last year, because so many of our students had put forth so much effort to earn a spot, and I was thinking that we would have tell most of them that they were not selected, and choosing the “best one” would have been completely arbitrary. Somehow, amazingly, no such disaster took place.

So what is the key here? Simple. Do as students for 2017 did. Learn the code base. Participate. Learn the practical application of the systems we support here. Target your proposal. Make the strongest argument for your proposal you know how to do. Build a relationship with the other developers here. Build a relationship with the other GSOC applicants. By doing this, I think that may make us a stronger case for being allotted more GSOC spots. If there is a friendly seat-stealing competition, let it be our organization that snatches them from less important projects, not one of our students from another!

HealthCare for Humanity! Viva LibreHealth EHR!

-PS: Please, as you introduce yourself, if you can provide a GitHUB handle as well, that would be very nice.


Hi! I’m Ankit. I’m a second year student in Information Technology,NIT Kurukshetra. I’m Looking forward to contribute and take part in GSoC. I have skills in web development,Python and frameworks and am excited to apply those and contribute to the organization.I’m also a current Microsoft Student Partner and have conducted many workshops related to different technologies and also worked with some of best people across country who are MSP’s on some projects.

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Hi! I am Mayank Vaidya and I am a second year Computer Science and Engineering student at Indian Institute of Technology Patna. I am an open source source enthusiast and a fairly active contributor too. I have experience of developing in Java, Android, HTML, CSS and javascript. Excited to be a part of this wonderful community already :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Tendonge Ryan, Software engineering student in the University of Buea, Cameroon. I have been a part of Librehealth since August 2017, with my contributions made mainly in the radiology module. Was also a mentor in the just ended GCI. Looking forward to up my contribution to Librehealth and ultimately wish to participate in GSOC 2018.


@mayank8318 you will find a good fit for the radiology and toolkit project given your experience with java

Please work on this task described here REST JSON to FHIR JSON Mapping Implementation

We would like to see your own implementation of this , and you contribute to the discussion on this thread as well as working on other gsoc tagged tickets

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Hello, I am Amit Bansal, 2nd year computer science student from MSI Delhi, India. I have worked on Data Structures and Algorithms, C++, Java, Spring boot, Django, Python, MongoDB, MySQL and HTML. Here is my Github profile I am interested in working on Java and Spring. I have worked on a project using spring boot and MongoDB here is a link to the project typeahead. I am looking forward to contribute and take part in GSoC this year.

Thank you.

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