Project: Form Generator

Project Description


At present, our LibreHealth EHR application doesn’t contain a way for users to design their own forms, according to their need. For example, if clinic A requires a form, which is not predefined (not in our application), and that particular form is of no use for clinic B. Then, both A and B should be able to design their own forms, according to their need.

This should be implemented as drag and drop feature. There should be a drop-down list for form components, where the user can drag it and drop to a particular drawing area.


  • Join our community and introduce yourself here.

  • Join our chat for live feedback and access to a larger team of mentors here.

  • Familiarity with the Librehealth EHR codebase.

Technical Requirements

  • PHP

  • MySql

  • Jquery/Javascript

  • Html

  • CSS


  • ER diagram for database change.

  • Separate PR’s for form generator.

  • User documentation.

  • Developer documentation. (This can be done in code itself, with proper explanation of function, its input parameters and return value.)

Mentors : @aethelwulffe @tony @teryhill @pri2si17


@judywawira and I talked about the possiblity of using the lh-toolkit form generator (which is drag and drop) to generate forms that the EHR could consume. I think this is worth exploring further.

When can i start working on this project. Should I start now or I have to make the report that how I want to do it and any suggestion for start working on this repository :slightly_smiling_face:

@sandipbhuyan you will need to install the librehealth EHR code locally and get it running. Then look at the issues on github and see if there are any you wish to work on. The actual work on the form generator will be based on submitted proposals.

@teryhill @tony I can make a proper and interactive front-end for this application and also I can do the back-end part but needed some guidance for that. Please look forward in this.

Download and install the code for LibreHealth EHR and then go to github and see if there are issues you can work on. The repository is

@sandipbhuyan and everyone else. While you can certainly “start” the project now, there are certain distinctions. The GSOC project programming is to be confined to things you do after commencement…HOWEVER: You will have to do a LOT of work just to create a meaningful proposal. This will involve much of the necessary familiarization with both the code, the user experience, as well as the end user utilization of the product. This is valuable medical industry familiarization, and from a realistic point of view, you will very much be already starting work…just not final product coding.


This has some features we want for this tool,

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