Project: Integrating cornerstone as a radiology image viewer


Radiology images are viewed in DICOM compatible applications such as Horos , Weasis etc. This project aims to simplify viewing of the images using for a patient by integrating a html5 based DICOM viewer - Cornerstone available here as an open source project At present the beta release is based on OHIF -

Your task is to implement the image viewing workflow by displaying the images in a cornerstone enabled workflow. See a demo of the cornerstone application here ::

Users Radiologists, and doctors who order radiology tests


  • . integrate the cornerstone viewer for the main reading worklist
  • . Integrate cornerstone viewer for individual image viewing within the EMR
  • . Integrate hanging protocols for different users
  • . Integrate annotation tool for users - allowing one to save annotations
  • . Support zooming and panning and inversion of images

Requirements: HTML5, Javascript, Angular , Java , Mysql ,meteor


Bonus points

  1. Allow image viewing to be interchanged

Mentors @sunbiz @judywawira @ivange94


Hi Judywawira and the team. I have few queries for this project. Could I know as an initial expectation for this project what should I be including in to the prototype. Should there be any one the above mentioned functional requirement be finished before the proposal submission. Could I know as a prototype what is expected? When comparing to Cornestone Demo Thanks alot Best Regards, Murshid Hassen

@judywawira, @ivange94, @sunbiz I will like to work on this project for GSOC that’s if it’s okay with you. I have been occupied with the prerequisite gsoc tasks so I want to start working on my proposal so it can be perfect before the deadline. For now I am looking in conerstone to better understand how it works and how it is used. The project doesn’t look easy but I know that with your help, I will be able to deliver

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I want to ask if this project is going to be and OWA or a module?

@MurshidHassen and @lehone have you deployed the latest module – it has a form of cornerstone installed already and can be used as a base for your proposal …

see this repository -

I don’t have access to the repository

The version of radiology running on my system is

@lehone do you have access already to this? Have you deployed it?

@r0bby I think this is to update the viewer with the most recent code change and improve the UI work - this would be the project for this year

Want me to nuke this project and remove it?

We need to update the description for what needs to be done

Just do that and I’ll delete all posts so it’s cleaner.