GSoC 2018 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet


(Judy Gichoya) #26

@amitbansal7 welcome … We have some projects for spring under gsoc-projects tag - specifically under radiology and toolkit

Meanwhile can you attempt this task

Please work on this task described here REST JSON to FHIR JSON Mapping Implementation3

We would like to see your own implementation of this , and you contribute to the discussion on this thread as well as working on other gsoc tagged tickets

(Shivashis Padhi) #27

Hi, I am Shivashis Padhi. A second year undergraduate, at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India. I mainly code in JavaScript (Full-stack), Python and familiar with PHP, C/C++, Rust. I am pretty excited about a particular project, the form-generator. I have worked with a similar project before, but with a administrator-defined XML markup, thus looking forward to contribute to the web development aspects of the proposed projects, this summer as a part of this wonderful community. Below is a link to my github profile: Shivashis Padhi’s Github

(Anmol Goel) #28


I’m an IT engineer undergraduate affiliated with university of Delhi , India . I’m willing to apply librehealth for this year Gsoc. I’m mostly a web and software developer.

Glad to be with you community.

Regards, Anmol.

(Terry Hill) #29

Welcome @Shivashis_Padhi and @anmolgoyal74 Looking forward to see your contributions to the project.

(Suneet Srivastava) #30

Hello, my name is Suneet Srivastava.I am 3rd year engineering student at Inderprastha Engineering College, Ghaziabad.I am an open source contributor. I have experience in Java, Android, Html, Css, Less, Sass, JS, Git. I am looking forward to be a part if the organization this summer. :slight_smile:

Github Link : #suneetsri on irc at freenode

Regards, Suneet Srivastava

(Terry Hill) #31

Welcome @codedsun Your skills look like they would be of interest to @judywawira

(Art Eaton) #32

@codedsun Suneet, I agree with Terry. @judywawira Looks like a good candidate for the radiology or other toolkit (and maybe web interface) projects.

@Shivashis_Padhi very happy to see your interest in dynamic form development. Intelligent form design wizards are not trivial projects. You have a lot of guts. :wink:

If you are strong in compiled languages, there is no reason why a form builder tool necessarily has to be a web component of the application either. (“Uh…why does the form generator say “Unreal Engine” at the bottom?

Elements made of knockout.js models would be a real tool multiplier for many-to-one/one-to-many data relationships.

Looks like some real good new people (and plenty of good old-timers) are showing up here. This is going to be awesome!

(Akshay Nandwana) #33

Hello, I am Akshay Nandwana, final year engineering student from Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. I know Native Android Application Development
GitHub Link:
LinkedIn Link:

(Shivashis Padhi) #34

Yes @aethelwulffe, you’re right. I realized, one just needs an User Interface to take the basic layout from, like the order of the form components, their types, their contents and if required, the actions also. Everything else can be done just like you said, even not in the web code module.

Looking forward to give my best!

(Terry Hill) #35

Welcome @anandwana001 I don’t know that we have an android application yet. Look around and see what interests you.

(Terry Hill) #36

Do not limit your thought process to simple forms. I think a very elaborate form is with in the realm of possibility.

(Sandip Bhuyan) #37

Hell, I am Sandip Kumar Bhuyan , I am a bachelors in technology Engineer from CET bhubaneswar. I have been working on java php js and mysql since 3 years and have 5 months of experiences in Full stack web Development. I have worked on 3 projects under a start up basically on Reactjs and redux and have worked in java, python and php apis.

You can find my blog on : Git: Github

I want to contribute in your organization. Want to become a part of your community.

(Tanvi Kumar) #38

Hello everyone! I am Tanvi Kumar from India and would like to contribute to this organisation through GSoC 2018. Excited to be here and part of this community! I’ve worked with PHP and MySql is various projects. You can find my work at : . Excited to be a part of this community!

(Subhashinie) #39

Hi, I am Subhashinie, a final year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I have worked with Java, Javascript, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Meteor and React. Hoping to do my best contributing to a LibreHealth project. Github link:

(Judy Gichoya) #40

@SuKSW welcome … can you attempt this task described here REST JSON to FHIR JSON Mapping Implementation

(Judy Gichoya) #41

@sandipbhuyan please attempt this task REST JSON to FHIR JSON Mapping Implementation

(Judy Gichoya) #42

@codedsun can you attempt this task REST JSON to FHIR JSON Mapping Implementation

(Sandip Bhuyan) #43

May i know the git repository link.

(Rajagopalan Gangadharan) #44

Hello mentors and friends. I am G.Rajagopalan from India.I am first year student pursuing computer science course.I have prior knowledge in python,c++,javascript,php,css,HTML,MYSQL. I hope to do quality and good contribution to LibreHealth project.Github link:

(Judy Gichoya) #45

Paste your gitlab /github solution to that thread @sandipbhuyan