Project: Integrate an open source Laboratory Information System (LIMS) to the LibreHealth EHR


The LibreHealth EHR project provides a simple laboratory overview of documents missing the laboratory management overflow. This project is to evaluate and add an opensource Laboratory Information Management System to the EHR.

Examples of open source LIMS include

Project’s Requirements

Submission : Working code with documentation

Mentors: @aethelwulffe @tony @teryhill @pri2si17


-Some starting points.

How would I go about getting started with this? Should I look up issues on the EHR repo and try to submit PRs or should I try and work on some features of the LIMS?

Hi @Perseus, have you setup EHR on your local machine? You can directly try LIMS, but I would suggest to get familiar with codebase and work on some issues. It needs to be added as module.

Interested in this project!

Perseus is already on the contributor’s list. He has been in the mix for a while, and cranking. Looks to be headed to the LIMS project with his proposal, so I would expect to see a link to that proposal HERE.

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@aethelwulffe @teryhill @pri2si17 @tony Here’s a link to an early draft of my proposal. Please have a look whenever possible. Looking forward to feedback.

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