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GSoC 2020 Student and Mentor Meet and Greet

In case you haven’t heard, we are in GSOC 2020 !! and are pretty excited …Let’s use this thread for general information for students who are interested in Google Summer of Code 2020. You can view our current project ide…

40 March 31, 2020
[README] Be patient with us

Folks, We understand your eagerness, but you need to be patient. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic right now. Mentors are all volunteers. Please don’t ping us, we know you’re waiting, so just bear with us.

4 March 29, 2020
GSoC 2020 timeline has been modified

Hey All, The timeline has been modified as follows: February 20, 2020 : Organizations Announced March 16- 31 (18:00 UTC) : Student Application period March 31 - April 20, 2020 : Mentors review submitted student pro…

4 March 26, 2020
Advice to potential students from Google's Cat Allman

Advice for Students interested in Google Summer of Code… This is the time of year when a lot of questions coming to the discuss list are about “How do I get started?”". Here is some step by step advice that should he…

1 March 25, 2020
LibreHealth Accepted in Google Summer of Code 2020

We have been accepted into Google Summer of Code 2020 (GSoC)!!! The timeline is as follows: February 20, 2020 : Organizations Announced March 16- 31 (18:00 UTC) : Student Application period March 31 - April 20, 202…

11 March 25, 2020
README: Making a great GSOC proposal - Example

Look at this link for a great GSOC proposal - The wireframes seem to be missing but this can help guide you

20 March 22, 2020
[REMINDER] Join our chat!

If you want to be selected, you MUST join our chat for GSoC. It is unacceptable to just submit a proposal and not engage with us. Not working on any issues – submitting non-trivial pull requests means we automatically w…

3 March 19, 2020
[REMINDER] All communication MUST be public

A friendly reminder that LibreHealth mandates that all communication happens publicly either here on the forums or on our chat. Private messaging in any form between students and mentors is forbidden except under very li…

6 March 19, 2020
README: Scoping your working hours

Hi all, I reviewed some of the draft proposals we have received this year and I’m worried that some of you are not scoping your project correctly. Aim for 40 hours per week, if you go slightly over or slightly under, i…

2 March 19, 2020
README: No Sir/madam when asking questions, please

Please refrain from using Sir/Madam when addressing mentors. It is an unnecessary level of formality within an Open Source community.

5 March 19, 2020
README: Avoid shorthand or unncessary abbreviation in your communications

Hi there folks, You should be avoiding use of abbreviations. DO NOT type messages like: “plz tell me what is expected” DO type messages like: “Could you please tell me what is expected of us?” This looks unprofess…

2 March 19, 2020
Electron app to learn Git

You need to be able to work with Git if you wish to be successful with us for Google Summer of Code, this is a cool Electron application for learning Git:

3 February 12, 2019
About the Google Summer of Code category 3 April 4, 2017
Project: Automatic labelling of Radiology Images 148 April 6, 2020
Project: Develop an Android mobile application to show patient friendly costs of care 261 April 5, 2020
Project: Build LibreHealth Toolkit on top of HAPI FHIR 20 April 5, 2020
Project: Android application for birth registration & newborn health data tracking 171 April 5, 2020
Mentioning @mentors does nothing folks 2 April 5, 2020
Project: Android application to show birth registration & newborn health data 90 April 1, 2020
Project: Design and Implement a new UI for LibreHealth EHR 32 March 31, 2020
Project: Complete UI rewrite or radiology and toolkit as an open web application 22 March 31, 2020
Project: Help Improve the Security of the LibreHealth EHR Codebase 14 March 31, 2020
Project: Incorporate reporting workflow into Radiology 24 March 31, 2020
[REMINDER] GSoC 2020 Application period CLOSES Tuesday, March 31 at 1800 UTC 3 March 31, 2020
Project: Image Annotator for Radiology Images 15 March 30, 2020
Project: Low Powered Models for disease detection and classification for Radiology Images 68 March 30, 2020
Project: Improving FHIR Analytics Using Apache Spark and Cassandra 28 March 30, 2020
Hacking #GSOC - How to write the winning proposal for the GSOC program 14 March 29, 2020
GSoC 2019 Student meet and greet 5 March 25, 2020
Project: Develop a mobile application to help provide financial navigation to patients 33 March 23, 2020