Project: Calendar Improvements


During the 2017 GSOC project , we implemented a calendar feature : GSoC Project: Practice Appointment Calendar

For this project, we need to have an audit feature for the appointments. This feature will allow the users to see who changed the appointments and when. There are a number of enhancements to the calendar that would be nice to have. There are currently some issues related to this on the current github account listed under

Technical requirements

  1. Mysql
  2. PHP

Mentors: @tony @aethelwulffe @teryhill @pri2si17


I think that the approach would be an “Scheduling Commander” type suite specifically for someone (or a nice robot) that was handling nothing but schedules. I don’t know if this would be an improved modal window popout in an appointment slot, a totally different interface or what. I do know that a separate suite that could be opened in a separate window (second screen etc…) would offer the most power options.

Theoretically, the existing audit log could be filtered to show just changes to the calendar, and further subsetting of that data might provide the details for an appointment audit log. One problem I see though is that the audit log isn’t indexed, so performance might be a big issue.

Full circle back to our log issues. The log has been looked at for reversion (undelete etc…) and a number of other things, but we still have the same schema and clunky report UI.

There is another way to get that data. The patient tracker logs that information.

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Well, there you go. Seems true now that I have looked at it.

Hello, Are there any beginner friendly issues in the calendar feature, which could help me get familiar with the calendar codebase and workflow? This would help me work on this project. Thanks!

I’m interested in this project. Currently figuring out how the code base works for generating this.

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