Project: Billing work flow changes


The current screen setup and work flow for billing a visit within the LibreHealth EHR system needs to be improved with a new design and implementation. Please access the demo server here

Here is a screenshot of the billing screen

This process should include a screen design that is based on the HCFA 1500 and UB 04 (CMS 1500 and CMS 1450) . These are claim layouts used in medical billing in the US also thought should be given to allowing a cash based system for others that would need it.

Technical requirements

  1. Mysql
  2. PHP


  1. for the forms


  1. Pull request with implemented changes

Mentors : @aethelwulffe @tony @teryhill

@teryhill I would love to contribute to this project and have experience in PHP and MySQL. My github profile link is : Tanvi_Github where my projects are visible.

I want bit explanation on what is this project about in a bit explained form. Please give a bit explained description. What are the requirements and etc. So, I can take a deep look into the project.

The Candidate will need an understanding of the code base. They will also need to understand basic accounting principals. Have an understanding of medical billing.

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