Project: Create web components for FHIR Resources


We would like to change how we build applications , and invite you to create components that provide FHIR components functionality as web components that can be used on the toolkit , radiology and EHR project.

We prefer for you to use Polymer ( but and javascript language of choice can be used including angular and Jquery

Technical requirements

  1. Javascript
  2. Web components
  3. REST


  1. Please review FHIR , specifically on the FHIR components
  2. Implement components based on the FHIR resources
  3. An example component -, but not on FHIR
  4. Bonus points - Developing the new UI for radiology or EHR using the components developed in 1 and 2

Deliverable At the end of this project you would have a repository of various web components with their documentation

Potential mentors @namratanehete @sunbiz @judywawira


I am interested in this project and I would like to ask some questions to get the idea clearly.

When considering the FHIR web components as a collection, is it to provide a place where the users get to work only understanding the FHIR concepts manipulating the data that is stored actually in a existing Librehealth project (toolkit, radiology or EHR)? In other words, something that only works as an interface?

Is this the place where the java component, that maps FHIR to librehealth projects, comes in? Or should it completely forget about Java?

Here is where things get funny. The EHR project FHIR API and CORE are separate FHIR server/API components that the EHR application is supposed to be able to use. Anything could make use of that layer though. The ToolKit FHIR components are kinda twined into things in a different way from my understanding.

So…we have a wee bit of a mess on the path to approaching unity of communication. It seems to me that developing out the API and CORE project to talk to more EHR database elements, and start on ToolKit/Radiology API element classes. Myself, I am not totally sure what “web components” means in this context. Not being a JAVA dev, and having never used Wt C++ (on my list), I am used to everything essentially being a “web-component”. @judywawira can you please more strongly define that, or perhaps provide a specific example or scenario?

@aethelwulffe and @SuKSW I edited the resources in the project description to add an example component. The Webcomponents are HTML/JS/CSS components that will work against the FHIR API and be able to GET/PUT/POST/DELETE into the FHIR resources. The idea is that then any FHIR-compliant EHR that uses web-based UI can integrate these components into their web pages.

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Thanks for clarifying that Saptarshi. I hope we can take a look at components in the EHR implementation of FHIR to look for leverage.

Seems like there have been multiple gaps in what I had understood. Thank you for the clarifications.

@aethelwulffe I’ve also gone through the source codes of the EHR project and the toolkit couple of times, but have grasped very little. I’ll do some more reading as well.

@sunbiz the web components mentioned here are similar to “the web components” defined by W3C?

Indeed, - HTML templates, HTML imports, Custom Elements. Polymer is a great way to actualize the standard. But nearly all other frameworks like Angular, Vaadin, Ionic are going the webcomponents route too -

Great! Had worked with ReactJS but did not see these web components coming as those web components. Thanks.

@r0bby - During the 2018 GSOC project - lots of efforts were made to write web components. See

  1. Project: Create web components for FHIR Resources
  2. Project: Web Components for FHIR Resources

This project is to complete the web components that are in the latest FHIR release

Technical requirements

  1. Javascript
  2. Web components
  3. REST
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I am interested in this projects. I have attended a few seminars related to HL7 and FHIR here in my university. And found FHIR to be really interesting and the way forward for health application. I have worked on a FHIR based project. It was a smart health web application for ambulances and the emergency department. I addressed a few resources. Like patient, practitioner, invoice, appointment, request - response and a few others.

I am good with Angular Elements. I can create web components using Angular. But I see last year Polymer 3 was a requirement. If that is still the case its not a problem. I can work with Polymer as well.

Is there a list of components that were completed last year or the new components that are required. So can move forward from there.

Also I am going to be writing a proposal by tomorrow. I recently came to know about GSoC. And I am really excited about joining it. Any recommendations/tips would be really appreciated.

@m4kamran Project: Web Components for FHIR Resources. and a simple search pithing the forum will give you all the information you need

@m4kamran Remember to also attempt the starter issues

@r0bby I added the proposal draft. Please let me know how I can improve.

Thank you!

You are designing web components. This requires far more detail than you provided. Where are your wireframes? This is a pretty thin proposal, add more meat to it.

@m4kamran – you need to wireframe each component you will develop.

Discussion should be continued here.