Project: Changes to the Patient Portal


The patient portal needs some changes and enhancements for example to include a version that can be used as a Kiosk on the local network while still allowing remote access to the portal. There needs to be a way for the clinic to choose which fields in the profile will be displayed for data entry. The Portal also needs to better handle multi sites.

Technical requirements

  1. Mysql
  2. PHP
  3. Backbone
  4. Underscore

Submission Multiple Pull requests with implemented changes

Mentors @tony @aethelwulffe @teryhill


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Robbie the discussion you moved here really needs to go back so it is not confusing on what the actual project is.

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@r0bby Hello Everyone, i am Subhajit, pursuing Software Engineering from University Institute of Technology, BU. I an excited to work in the Patient Portal. Can anyone provide me the GitHub Repository Link. I am unable to find it.

Thank You

The Code is located here

I want bit explanation on what is this project about in a bit explained form. I am really eager to work on this type of Open Source project and I have prior similar experience as well. Please can you guide me about what is the exact requirements for this project.

The Candidate will need to install the software and become familiar with the code base. The portal is a communication device with patients . There is a need to allow providers access to the portal so they can review and reply to their patients.

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Please guide me about the problem currently in the patient portal and what is your proposed solution if there is one. Else I will find it from myself.

What do you mean by a Kiosk and what about this handling multi sites in the panel.

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This is a clarification for the project description, so it should be discussed here:

Kiosk mode for a Patient Portal- The patient portal can be accessed from anywhere, but having a special mode for when the patient is actually in the clinic and filling out forms and the like is what we mean by “Kiosk mode”. That means that the person at the front desk can hand a patient a device that is already logged into that person’s portal account, and ready for them to fill out paperwork or something like a Review of Systems form (a type of survey that lets the patient check off lists of problems they are having).

Multi-sites: in the /sites directory of the LibeHealthEHR project code, you will find a single directory called /default. When an additional “site” is created, another directory is added under /sites. Each directory has configuration data for linking to a different database, and has separate file storage etc… This directory name is saved in a global variable for the user’s session data. This makes it possible to use one set of base code to run many different clinics and their respective databases. Currently, there are some issues with the Patient Portal code in properly resolving what /sites directory it is supposed to be looking at. Apparently the developer didn’t take that use case into account. There should be an existing GitHub issue about this problem.

I am guessing that a practice like mine should be able to run both types of portals at the same time, On-line view, and Kiosk view?

Sam Bowen, MD

Yes both will be able to run at the same time.

I had submitted the final proposal thank you very much for your support.