Project: Complete UI rewrite of lh-radiology and lh-toolkit as an open web application

During the 2018 GSOC project - lots of efforts were made to write web components. See

  1. Project: Create web components for FHIR Resources
  2. Project: Web Components for FHIR Resources

This project is to rewrite the complete UI for radiology and toolkit using the web components that have already been developed. Please refer to the demonstration sites and prior GCI work to see some designs proposed for the toolkit UI appearance

You should base your work on the spring data project that was released from the 2018 GSOC - Project: Implement Spring Data to LibreHealth Toolkit - #9 by sunbiz

At the end, you should have a complete application powered by spring data on the backend and web components on the front end

Technical Requirements

  1. Javascript
  2. Web components
  3. REST
  4. java

This is preliminary and is not a definite project.

Hello Everyone,

I tried running Spring Data Project Yash Saraf / reactive-lh-toolkit · GitLab , but this project is not working, I was getting exception same as in this post Project: Implement Spring Data to LibreHealth Toolkit - #101 by prashadi

And this bug was not fixed in that project and the discussion forum was closed there.

Also I was not able to find the code for spring data project in LibreHealth repositories, I founded this Yash Saraf / reactive-lh-toolkit · GitLab from Yash’s evaluation report [GSoC][LibreHealth] Final report. Project: Implement Spring Data to… | by Yash Saraf | Medium

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Hi , I saw the other project ideas expected some preliminary work to be shown before submitting their proposals . So I wanted to ask if that was the same for this project too , and if yes, what work I can show for now ?

As the spring data project is not running, Can we use the same APIs which are currently used in LibreHealth toolkit ?

Or we will be using HAPI FHIR JPA Server API?


For the prerequisite task should we develop only UI of few screens using the web components?

Thanks for checking.

We will be using the HAPI FHIR JPA Server and its API for this project.

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A good preliminary work for this project would be to take the UI that was written in the last GSoC and then create 1-2 web component (similar to other components) that implement the use FHIR like the DiagnosticReport or ImagingStudy.

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