README: Starter tasks for LibreHealth Toolkit & Librehealth Radiology

We have two issues that can help you showcase your skills, and help us evaluate if, along with your GSoC application, whether you will be suitable to work on the LibreHealth Toolkit and LibreHealth Radiology for GSoC 2019:

Please work on these issues, on a new public repo on gitlab or github, and once you have a working code, please paste the link to that code into the above-mentioned issues. Please let us know, if you have any questions for us. We look forward to see your work, and your GSoC applications to our project ideas.



I am interested in the Web Components for FHIR resources project.

Regarding the issue 41. Can I create a web component in Angular Elements? Or does it have to be in Polymer?

Let’s stick with Polymer as to not complicate things. @sunbiz and @judywawira may have a stronger opinion.

polymer is what we will use

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I have clarified in the instructions on the web components issue that Polymer must be used.

Got it. Will create a component in Polymer and update here soon. Looking forward to working on this project.