Project: Complete UI rewrite or radiology and toolkit as an open web application

During the 2018 GSOC project - lots of efforts were made to write web components. See

  1. Project: Create web components for FHIR Resources
  2. Project: Web Components for FHIR Resources

This project is to rewrite the complete UI for radiology and toolkit using the web components that have already been developed. Please refer to the demonstration sites and prior GCI work to see some designs proposed for the toolkit UI appearance

You should base your work on the spring data project that was released from the 2018 GSOC - Project: Implement Spring Data to LibreHealth Toolkit - #9 by sunbiz

At the end, you should have a complete application powered by spring data on the backend and web components on the front end

Technical Requirements

  1. Javascript
  2. Web components
  3. REST
  4. Java

Potential Mentors: @judywawira @sunbiz

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Hey, I am interested in this project, and have been playing around with the lh-toolkit-webcomponent repository along with learning Web-Components (As a React Developer it won’t take long). And I have experience with REST too, but not using Java so that would be the next item in my todo-list of sorts.

My question for you is: Where can I get more information about this project as a whole, and who different things interact with each other so that I have a better idea to base the Open Web App on.

The objective of this project is to have a Web-App with the back-end based on the Spring Data Project and the front-end based on Web Components for FHIR both of which were written during the 2018 GSoC. Correct me if I got it wrong

It would be very helpful to get some more information, or resources to understand how the things are currently (in detail)

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Hey, I have started learning Java + Spring. By March 7 when the orgs are announced I would have a basic understanding of the framework so that I can start writing a proposal for the project.

This isn’t a project for someone who is brand new unfortunately. You are going to need to make a non-trivial code contribution as well.

Alright, I will start looking for an issue to work on and then create a PR.

P.S. Can you expand on the non-trivial part?

In short this isn’t a project where you learn how to code, this is one where you already know how to program.

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As this project is a full-stack project, should I work on both the tasks or either one of them would be enough to prove my skills?

It’ll be great if you can do both and will strengthen your application. However, if you just do one, that should satisfy the requirement.

Alright, will take more time but I will try to do both. Shouldn’t be that difficult since I already am comfortable with .js and component architecture. And I have already started learning Spring

Hey, I have been learning Spring REST and it is basically complete. Will now learn Hibernate and OMRS, which should be done by the end of the week I hope.

One question tho, when should I start worrying about the proposal? Around April or I should start slow and start now?

@ Judy Gichoya , Hey find this project interesting I am a full stack developer from India . I am recently working on a project in Angular js and spring boot java so I have a good experience in these tech stack . I have also worked on some rest api using and spring integration , so I am also interested in contributing to gsoc 2022 with this project . Can you please provide some resources for this project , like from where can I start my contributions??

Read the first post and all posts with the prefix of “README” on our ideas page.

I have started implementing the FHIR V4 Resources. Currently I have chosen three resources (Patient, Operation Outcome and Observation all Level 5) so that Patient can have a one to many relationship with the other two.

This is how it is supposed to be done, right? Or have I understood FHIR all wrong? And how many of these resources do I need to implement to show my proficiency?

@rosekamallove - Those 3 Resources should be enough. Also, there are many webcomponents already available. It’ll be nice if you’d add something that’s not already developed in lh-toolkit-webcomponents

That sounds great, I’ll find some and implement them.

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Hey, I am about to start writing the proposal for GSoC 2022. Any pointers or resources that you would suggest that I go through while writing the proposal? It would be really helpful. Other than that where can I ask for feedback on my proposal? Here only, or on the Chat

We published resources. We expect you to read them. Google has published resources as well.

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My laptop has the M1 processor and installing lh-toolkit with docker is throwing this error:

no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries

I found a solution online: Docker (Apple Silicon/M1 Preview) MySQL "no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries" - Stack Overflow

But can’t find the YAML config file in the lh-toolkit/docker directory

Yeah, we don’t support arm right now. This is going to be a problem.

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Running it using jetty works fine tho