Project: Migrate EHR to Laravel - Calendar & Flowboard Module


The LibreHealth EHR is a great resource for training informaticians in a real-world patient workflow and documentation system. LibreHealth EHR is a free and open-source electronic health records and medical practice management application. The mission of LibreHealth is to help provide high-quality medical care to all people, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or geographic location, by providing medical practices and clinics across the globe access to free-of-charge medical software. That same software is designed to save clinics both time and money, which gives practitioners more time to spend with individual patients, thereby supplying patients with higher-quality care.

Project description:

With many new enhancements under the hood and whole new MVC architecture using Laravel, the LibreHealth EHR Laravel is moving to cutting-edge architecture using the PHP web framework.

The goal of this project is to migrate the whole Calendar & Flowboard Module as it is it in the Legacy codebase into the new Laravel codebase. You should know that you might have to make any adjustments required if there need be in the current codebase as it will demand and work closely with other team members in order to transition to the new framework.

For more details on how Calendar/Flowboard module works see here - LibreHealth EHR's Calendar and Flowboard - YouTube

NB: You will be provided with a demo of EHR to facilitate your work during the project.

Preliminary tasks: You are required to do at least (1) and any other 2 task of your choice

  1. LH EHR SETUP - INITIAL TASK (LEGACY CODE) · Issue #27 · LibreHealthIO/lh-ehr-laravel · GitHub
  2. Create a detailed ReadMe for the new Laravel EHR project on how to install it, explaining where to find common modules, tech stack used etc.
  3. Fix or suggest at least 2 PRs that implements feature from the Legacy codebase (NB: It could be anything like suggesting a button style, building a global component (input field) to fixing a broken link).
  4. Design a mockup Patient Screen showing relevant forms to create/add a user and role(s).

Skills required:

  • PHP (Laravel), HTML, CSS, JavaScript (VueJS) (required skills)
  • SQL and MariaDB/MySQL (required skills)
  • Tailwind CSS, InertiaJS (good to have)
  • Designing Skills (good to have)

Mentors: @muarachmann and @tony

My name is Obiasong Frank, a full stack software engineer with over eight years of experience. I have good experience working mainly with PHP, Laravel (versions 5.0 to 9), SQL and NoSQL databases, JavaScript, VueJS, and Tailwind CSS. I am interested and look forward to contributing very positively to the Migrate EHR to Laravel - Calendar & Flowboard Module project. Thank you in advance for your consideration

Welcome @flako to LH happy to have you around

Thanks @muarachmann I will immediately go through the available issues, setup and start; with your help where needed obviously. I look forward to great success on this.

Hello @muarachmann @tony

My name is Ulrich Magloire, a full stack developer with a good experience working with Laravel, VueJS, Tailwind Css, InertiaJs.

I am really interested in working on this project Migrate EHR to Laravel - Calendar & Flowboard Module .

I look forward to contributing to this project.

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Welcome @umagloire please read the thread to follow through

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