Project: Enhancements to the ECEB App Based on User Study

ECEB app, or the Essential Care for Every Baby mobile application, is a Flutter app to provide clinical decision-support for nurses and doctors delivering essential newborn care interventions during the first day of life. This application provides knowledge, skills, and competencies to nurses and doctors in low/middle-income settings so that they can provide life-saving care to newborns from birth through 24 hours postnatal. The app uses DHIS2 as the backend & can be set up for any hospital/organization.

Project description:
The ECEB app has received a number of critical feedback from users in different geographies for enhancement to the app based on Jigsaw study and participatory design sessions held with 3 user groups.

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Based on this feedback, some critical UX changes are required for the app to be deployable in many contexts. The app’s rule-based classification algorithm also has bugs and issues that need to be fixed. Current issues with the DHIS2 rule engine and syncing issues on the local storage make the app buggy, which needs to be fixed before large-scale deployment of the app.

Preliminary tasks:

  1. Fix at least one issue out of the 20+ open issues in the repo.
  2. Create design enhancement using Figma.

Skills required:

  1. Flutter app development (critical skills)
  2. HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Designing skills (required skills)
  3. iOS and Android customization/development (good to have)

@shbucher and @geepriya


@shbucher @geepriya I really want to work on this project this summer as it relates to something I was interested back I am really hoping I can have some good enchancement ideas for the application , Please Can You Tell Where we can connect for discussion

Enhancements in figma files? What we are supposed to do

You connect here. Ask your questions on this thread.

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Thanks Can You Please Tell how to connect to chat its asking for server url

Hey @shbucher I am also really intrigued by this project. Can you please explain the second preliminary task, like what are we supposed to design?

@r0bby @shbucher Is there any proposal template or we need to create the proposal from scratch . I will only start writing once idea is discussed clearly with mentors . If there is a template for this particular organization it would be great if you can share it .

There’s a handful if informational posts here.

Additionally, you should read our announcement post very closely.

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Hey, so for the design enhancement can we get a copy of the original figma files (or wherever the app designs are) so that we can tinker the designs on our own. @r0bby

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I found on the repo people creating pull request for the issue without getting assigned , Are We supposed to create PR without assignment for the issue ? It was really confusing Can we work on any issue by creating a pull request without being assigned @r0bby @shbucher

yes @akashsri3 … please use for these questions.

We have the Adobe XD design files that you can find if you searched the forums. You need to create your own design, either improvements to the current app or to the XD. If you also look in that thread, someone suggested some designs in figma too.

@shbucher @geepriya @sunbiz Can You Please Tell where on figma we have to make enhancements and a little context about rule based classification algorithm what is this? and where can we look for feedbacks from user on basis of which app needs to be enhanced . And I found on the gitlab and links given in info how many applications are there for this organization And Am I working for the correct application ? This is merged project or a separate individual flutter project . ( since I also saw one neoapp also ) . It would really help if you can provide detail description .

@sunbiz @shbucher I have also a proposed idea which can be in list of enhancement of application If you say , We need translations for more languages since it will be used by nurses and doctors not well off and in much local areas which preliminary know their local languages like maybe hindi , german , french etc.

@shbucher can please share clear image of user feedback study its not very clear

Can Please give a example what design enhancements are to be done using Figma , I have made some changes to current UI with help of XD files for the screens shown in this description @shbucher @sunbiz , Is that what we were supposed to do or Create some new screens . It would be really great if you can share user feedbacks that been mentioned in the description. Thank You

@akashsri3 you can make new screens (split the existing feature) or make improvements to the existing UX. Please do not propose new features because you may not have the application use context.

Okay Great @sunbiz , Just I made some UX changes to XD but in Figma , just included a very small thing that were call and chat , Chat Is just So that they can get connected immediately for online support , If you say I will remove that

I thought that too, as in, how do we go about contributing

I am a Flutter Developer and I have done more than 4 projects on flutter in this GSOC 2023 I saw this project. I want to take part of your community, so I can take part in this Project i will add Some Proof of my Work

Name:- Abhijit Dengale Email:-