GSoC 2020 Student and Mentor Meet and Greet

In case you haven’t heard, we are in GSOC 2020 !! and are pretty excited …Let’s use this thread for general information for students who are interested in Google Summer of Code 2020. You can view our current project ideas here and more are being added daily

You should review the following post if you wish to be a successful student:

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I’ll start off: I’m Robby O’Connor, I’m one of the organization admins. I’ve been a student from 2008-10, mentor and/or org admin since then. If you have any questions about what LibreHealth expects of you, let me know and I’ll gladly answer those questions.

Hi, the GSoC page for LibreHealth mentions ‘android’ as a label but the ideas list doesn’t contain any idea related to Android. Can you please tell about the project idea related to Android?

Those project ideas are being worked on.

@ShridharGoel I had the same question. @r0bby Thanks for answering the query

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@r0bby Okay, thanks!

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Hi there everyone! Myself Nitesh and I am a sophomore currently pursuing my B. Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. After searching for quite a while I stumbled upon librehealth org and I got really excited by the work this community is doing! I support the vision of helping the needy with the power of open-source. I would love to contribute to the organization through the upcoming GSoC 2020 program. I have decent experience of developing for android and I’ve done two projects on android. Currently I’m working with a professors project. Recently, I also won a hackathon in which I developed an android app keeping in mind the theme of ‘Healthcare Innovation’. Looking forward to having a great time in the community!

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Hey everyone, I am Roshil Kapatel studying currently in GTU University and completing by B.E in Information Technology stream and I just love to code and make android applications

Hello everyone my name is Miftahun Najat I’m currently a senior year informatic Student in Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia. I have 3 years experience in developing Android Application. Recently I also won two hackathon in my country from developing Android Application. I would like to contribute in incoming GSoC 2020 Program with this organization because LibreHealth is organization that has so many potential .

Thank your, cheers

Hello everybody…Myself Pratik Ghule. I am currently doing my Msc in computer science at Pune University in India. I am topper of my class since my Bsc computer science. I have scored a out off marks in maths. I am 22 years and begin active with gsoc since 3 years. My interested technologies are C,Cpp,Java,php,,adv.php,android,web development,game development,and many more. I have done two internships so far. My first internship was in web development building websites in html ,css , javascript and php. My second intership was in game development at kidaura pvt ltd, I used to develop my own solo games as well as maintain the existing games in 2d and 3d . I used Unity3d game engine and C# programming.

I am quick learner and would love to work in with the organization in gsoc’20. I am very good a documentation and find it really cool. I am responsible and punctual.

I have made a offline chat application in java in my graduation. And a Documenation on Beer shop management in second year.

This year I have made a android app for my college to carry out its daily operations as well as to for the teachers and students . The app lets the teachers notify students about daily notices and assignments and can even mark for every submitted or not submitted assignments. These apps have ease their work. I have been in this group from a quiet time. And have always thought of to be a gsoc student ever. Thank you!

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Hello Fellow Programmers, I am Rohan Anand Choudhary, currently in my 3rd year of computer science and Engineering. I am an Android Developer cum Learner as the concept of learning always keeps on going. As LibreHealth as been announced as one of the selected Organization for GSoC 2020 which is amazing. Looking forward LibreHealth to post their Android Idea list into the forum. Thanks :slight_smile:

Greetings folks, I am Chirag Chatwani I am currently pursuing my masters in Information Technology At DA-IICT, India. I have never contributed to open source before but I have done many projects and I have done Internship at Startup. I am a quick learner and would love to work in with the organization in the coming summer. I am good at backend spring development and I have plenty of experience in java and python so I believe that I can contribute. I also firmly believe that healthcare is extremely necessary for a good life so I would like to use this opportunity to connect with this wonderful community and contribute towards making it better through technology.

Following are the technogies that I have worked with so far Java and Spring Native Android and flutter Js and Angular NodeJs Mysql , Postgresql, redis mongodb Php Python and Flask

Hi @r0bby and the team. I am Murshid Hassen from Sri Lanka. I am currently in my final years of studies. Saw the current ideas list posts for GSoC 2020. Excited to contribute to this year’s project. I have experience working with full-stack development in java and angular or react. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi LibreHealth community and everyone! Myself Tushar Rohilla and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India. I’ve involved with open source since past 3-4 months when Hacktoberfest 2019 gave me a push-start into this awesome world of code! I was looking for organisations and LibreHealth is one where I can contribute to the fullest in the domain of Android Development as I’ve been learning the same since my winters of 2019. I’ve won two hackathons in the same domain. One based on the theme of “Healthcare” and another on “Rebuilding nature through Innovation” and hence I think LibreHealth’s vision is the one I need! I am looking forward for an awesome time in the community!

Hi LibreHealth community! I am Vishesh Tayal and i am currently pursuing my B.Tech from Manipal Institute Of Technology, Manipal, India. I’ve been involved in opensource for a year now. I was looking for an organizations that needs work on projects based on java, python3, android. I found LibreHealth a good match to my skills. I am looking forward for awesome contributions and coffee with the community.

Hello everyone, my name is Devyank Shaw. I am currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. I can define myself as a quick learner. I want to work on the skills of Android, Java, Firebase and Jetpack. Looking forward to have the Android Idea list under Librehealth GSOC 2020 project lists.

Thank You!

@ShridharGoel and @CapTen101 I am posting the android projects - starting with this one - Project: Android application for birth registration & newborn health data tracking

There will be three mobile development projects


Hello everyone! My name is Ansh Sinha and I am currently pursuing my B.Tech from KIET Group Of Institutions, Ghaziabad. Well after searching for quite a while I got to know about librehealth organization and the work that they are doing. I would love to contribute to the organization if I got selected through the upcoming GSOC 2020 program. I have been working on android projects from the first year of college. I have done 3 projects which involve one major project named “Appointex” which is an online OPD system. I have also participated in two hackathons for which I developed android projects according to the given themes. Looking forward to an awesome time in the community. Thank you!

Thanks a lot! @judywawira