Meet the community: Introduce yourself here!

Welcome to LibreHealth forums! Please use this thread to introduce yourself to the community. Let’s get to know each other better. :smiley:


Let me kick this off!!

I am Mayank, an Electronics and Communications Engineering junior at National Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. I have been actively involved with OpenMRS for over an year now working as a GSoC 15 student, Release Manager for Platform 2.0 and I also managed infrastructure alongside @downey and @r0bby as the Developer Tools Manager. I have always been passionate about healthcare IT and am really excited about LibreHealth’s mission to make it better for all of us!! I am looking forward to contribute as a developer and build some amazing health tech here!

When not busy here, I like to building stuff at hackathons, play the guitar and explore the world! :smiley:


I have not worked on OpenMRS, but I have written about it many times as I have covered health IT over several years. Here is one article with possibly interesting coverage:

As a writer and editor, I’ve also taken interest in documentation for community open source software projects. I’ve looked at OpenMRS documentation and I hope to have some useful suggestions for helping users and developers get on board LibreHealth.


My name is Robby, I’ve been a member of the OpenMRS community on and off since 2008. Recently (2015 onward), have been Manager of the Identity Systems at OpenMRS (still kinda am) and a member of the infrastructure team with @downey and @maany – I love the work, it’s fun and it helps that my team is amazing.

Looking forward to helping out here!


My name is Saptarshi Purkayastha. I am an Assistant professor of health informatics at Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis. I was a long term contributor to OpenMRS since 2007 and strongly believe in the mission that use of health information can improve care and health of the world. I have traveled to over 30 countries and lived in 4 countries. I would like for us to do capacity building in health/health informatics to scale what we’ve been trying to do.


Hi everyone! I’ve been involved with free & open source software this entire century, first getting started with now-defunct Mandrake Linux (based on Red Hat) in 2000. Today, you’ll find me using Fedora & Android. :slight_smile: In 2004, I worked on founding an open source software usability lab as part of my graduate studies, and started understanding just how large of an impact FOSS had around the world.

In 2009, after returning from time in Africa, I discovered OpenMRS while at a United Nations Foundation event in Washington DC … and ended up becoming the director of community there, which I did through May of 2016. I have been amazed by the dedication of so many people eager to use the power of open source to make healthcare better for both patients & providers around the world. So, I’m super eager to see what everyone here helps build through LibreHealth.

Let’s get things moving!


Hi everyone. Art Eaton here. I am from the other open source ehr project, and hope to be able to benefit both projects.

My skills:

  • Pretty decent SQL capability
  • Some PHP etc…
  • C++
  • Extensive medical billing IT and x12 exchange knowledge
  • Significant clinical workflow knowledge
  • Decent accounting and business management support skills

Hi All, My name is Barry Levine and am a Professor of Computer Science at San Francisco State University. I lead graduate students in developing new modules for OpenMRS; also, I am involved in OpenMRS implementations in several countries, notably East African countries. I have worked on numerous international projects and especially enjoy the open source communities!


Hi everyone

My name is Ivange Larry Ndumbe. I am senior year computer engineering student at the University of Buea, Cameroon. I have been actively involved with OpenMRS for a year now. I am also GSoC 2016 student with OpenMRS, working on the radiology module. I was and still part of an OpenMRS implementation here in Cameroon. I am really excited to see how I can be helpful here in our efforts to help save lives. I am mostly useful as a developer but I am also looking into helping in some leadership roles.


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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Hi my name is Chris Power and have been helping out with non profits and volunteer organizations for a while. Notably like most here with OpenMRS. My strengths are in Project Management, Agile Framework, Product Owner and social media communications. (probably in that order)

I will be creating a process/workflow to make it easy for OpenMRS to recruit and maintain PM/BA/PO/Scrum Masters and was curious to see if you have the same needs? If so I could start out by sharing my work with this community as well along with any other suggestions on how to begin.

Thanks Chris


It’s always a good thing!

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hi, my name is Ankit and I’m a 2nd year family medicine resident in Toronto/Canada. I was inspired by the work that the community has done so far and excited to see how best I can contribute to openMRS and librehealth. I have programming background in Java/Python and a heavy user of Linux - by no means an expert - however, eager to learn further and looking forward to learning about openMRS/librehealth and growing along with the community!


Welcome Ankit and nice meeting you in vancouver … I pointed you to some links , let me know where you see a good fit

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Hi … my name is Mohamed Tharwat. I am a dentist and ehealth researcher and trainer. I studied IT, but never felt that I am a professional developer. I was always in other areas (like training and curricula design, IT healthcare research and evidence based medicine (EBM), Project Management, quality assurance).
I have variable domain experience with regards to different healthcare sectors:

  • reasonable experience in medical imaging (PACS and RIS)
  • good experience in healthcare management, hospital administration and workflow analysis.
  • good experience in medical transcription projects
  • moderate experience in surgical guided medical imaging.

Very organized person and have excellent managerial talents.

Moreover, I am practicing dentistry for more than 15 years.



Welcome @MTharwat… we are organizing ourselves into teams, as can be seen from our GOVERNANCE document. We are still working on a public launch, but Education will be one of the cross-cutting team across various projects. It will focus on research, implementer/developer certification, training and capacity building on the different LibreHealth projects.

So non-developers will have many different activities to participate. So keep a watch on the various discussions that happen in the forums… and people will call on you if maintainers or teams require your expertise.

I am really impressed with your efforts. I have read the guidelines and it is really very well written. I agreed with Judy to start having simple development tasks as learning development (hopefully JAVA) is one of my targets. I already have good knowledge about Object Oriented concepts. At the same time, when it comes to research/training, I think I can add value to the project. I am happy to be part of the team. Thank you again for your efforts.


Hello all :slight_smile:

My name is Ivo (webname teleivo), I’m a developer from Vienna, Austria. Am working on the radiology module

My hope/dream/goal is to help bring an open source Radiology Information System to the world that fills the void between open source PACS solutions and commercial imaging devices. So staff in radiology departments/facilities can focus on providing good care to patients :rainbow:


Hi Guys, I am Jayanth Kumar from the school of informatics and computing IUPUI, currently pursuing Masters in Health Informatics.I am a Dental Surgeon by profession from India and with a very less IT experience.I have worked for USA health care process in population health management projects for a company called as Lumeris, worked in claim denial management process for a company called as Apria Healthcare. During the same i was exposed to some knowledge of software industry, the built, the management, the requirement collection and analysis, SDLC and few others. With the knowledge i have acquired and also with the clinical expertise , i would like to be a part of this forum and help myself and also the goals of this forum to succeed.