Meet the community: Introduce yourself here!

Jayanth, It is always great to have another clinician around. You can be a valuable resource even without providing help in the realm of informatics…but there is great need for both. By all means, pull up a chair! -Art

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Thanks Art Eaton for that. I would surely like to do my best. Can you please make me understand the whole project or guide me to some documentation where i can find that information ?

There are several things going on here that fully qualify as Projects in their own right, and I am hardly the person to introduce you to the full range of them. I am working with the ambulatory EHR project LibreEHR. Others are working on modules related to the LibreHEALTH API and “ToolKit”. Some folks seem to be heavily involved in a specific piece, like the very popular radiology team. Others work on several things, as well as being community backbones. They are serving to do everything from community organization to providing infrastructure that all the IT projects depend on. I am also very sure there are teams we would like to exist that are not fully functioning. There is great need for outreach, project-specific documentation and all related items. I know of no testing group yet formed. Even with all the IT people here, no project under the umbrella has even much of a public-facing website yet. To wit, the documentation you are looking for is by no means complete, and it will take someone else to point you where you need to go.

The whole-project goal is another question. The goal is to provide the needs for information and communication in the world medical community in an integrated, scalable and extensible manner: For all who need it.


I totally understand the incomplete documentation part.Its good to know that people are trying to make a difference with the resources they are equipped with. Yeah, i am trying to explore the forums to make myself used so that it would be an ease for me to work on this platform.


Hello Everyone,

I am Venkata Chilkuri, I am currently pursuing my Masters in Data Analytics from the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. I come from an electronics background in my undergraduate and my interest in finding a meaning from raw, random data and use it in a meaningful way; information technology being one such field. I am presently working on the documentation process of LibreHealth toolkit and I am excited to work with the community and bringing a change step-by-step. Since I do not have any professional experience in this field or any other related ones, I am hoping to learn from the knowledge and experience of professionals and contribute to this project


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Hi There,

I am Abarnaa, I am doing my MS in Data Analytics at Indiana University-Purdue University. I have 4.5 years of work experience, though I started as .NET developer I then had the opportunity to work on diversified roles which include SAP basis administration and performance analyst. I am looking forward to contributing to this group with development activity. I read few posts and looked into documentation, I will be glad if someone could point me to right resources to get started.


Here is some documentation to download, build and deploy the code for lh-toolkit -


Hi All, I’m Supun Wanniarachchi. A simple person with a complicated curiosity. Trying to drive concepts from early stage research to polished final product and believes that creativity makes life an intense experience. I’m currently Software Engineering Intern at WSO2 and Software Engineering undergraduate at University of Westminster. I have worked as a Software and Web Developer from 2012, and also experienced in Database Systems and Mobile App development. I’m involving in Blog article writing regarding programming stuff [blog](blog: . I have successfully completed GSoC this year with Moodle and I have been involved with many open-source projects developments as well.

I’m looking forward to contributing with LibreHealth projects in the future.


Hi everyone,

My name is Bob Hoyt. I am an Internal Medicine physician who teaches Health Informatics at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida. I have used OpenEMR to teach graduate students over the past two years and I am very aware of OpenMRS. I am the editor and lead author of Health Informatics: Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals, sixth edition.

My vision would be to have a modern, fully supported open source EHR, not only for patient care in underserved areas but used for teaching and research. In order to accomplish this we would need de-identified patient data. Art Eaton is working with me and I have had feelers out to Vanderbilt University to see if they can share their “synthetic data” with LibreHealth.

I suspect I should start with a needs assessment of the Health Informatics academic community to be sure there is a need, whether the software needs to be customized and what type of sample patients they would like to see



Welcome We are here to help

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What my buddy Terry said.

Hello! Radiologist and imaging informatics specialist. Programmer in a previous life. Interested in learning more and possibly contributing to radiology module. I also have some knowledge of American health care system, US hospital and clinic workflows as well as imaging workflow. Some experience with large commercial EMRs, data mining, semantics, vocabularies, lexicons, ontologies and coding systems. Please let me know if I may be of service.


Welcome @DaveChannin … We are cleaning up user stories and would love your help with writing and reviewing the user stories … Please let me know if this is something of interest

Also need help with testing … Have you been able to deploy the radiology module ?

Judy (Radiology Resident)

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Hello everyone

Happy and excited reading this news! I´m a health system consultant working worlwide with several INGOS implementing open source systems. OpenEMR has been the main product we´ve used in Africa, South Asia and Latin America & Caribbean countries, for small and medium size clinics. OpenEMR has helped many organizations to improve the patient quality of care while strenght the managerial aspect in a clinic.

Joining these two top health informatic systems more organizations and projects will be strengthten, due the capabilities and complementary aspects the two tools have. So, really happy to become part of this community and contribute from the implementer side to make of LibreHealth the most robust tool in this area.

Thanks and Allez-ci!!!

Ana María de Espinoza Health systems consultant Independent LAC and the rest of the world


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Hi everyone,

My name is Tchuenkam Ulrich, I am a masters student( Software Engineering) at the University of Buea Cameroon. I have been involved with a number of Open Source organisation for the past 3 years (OpenMRS, Teammates, WSO2). I have Upgraded the OpenMRS database instance of one of the biggest hospitals in Cameroon and designed some form for them using OpenMRS modules during a period of 6 months. Its always a pleasure for me working on projects that aims at saving lives. So let’s share our experience and knowledge to see how we can continue in our act of saving lives with Open Source software.

Let’s save lives !!!


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