Project: Android application for birth registration & newborn health data tracking

This project aims to develop an Android application for healthcare workers in Kenya to capture birth information and elements of essential newborn care, such as immunization. The underlying technology is an open-source tool-kit based on self-sovereign identity (SSI) principles and provided through our participation in the Evernym Accelerator. The mobile application to be developed will act as the client-side application and will accept birth details and health-related information as input. After verifying data for correctness and authenticity, a verifiable credential will be issued to the mother or guardian creating, in SSI format, the first step in the real-world birth registration process and capturing certain elements of essential newborn care.

Objectives Your application will include/describe

  • User interface
  • Data capture (may include iris images as biometric identifiers)
  • Processing of data
  • List item
  • Secure transmission of data to and from a web server and other mobile devices
  • Data storage and maintenance

Skills: Android application development, HTML5, CSS and Javascript experience.

Mentors : @shbucher1 @Maria-Freytsis , @iainbarclay , @sradha , Ian Taylor , Jarek Nabrzysk, @gsiwo , @aczajka

Evaluation: At the end of the summer you will have a complete project application that can perform birth registration and newborn health data tracking

Students working on this project will also have access to the development support resources within the Evernym accelerator.


Hello, my name is Gautham P Krishnan I am currently doing my UG 3rd year. I would like to work in the app development for this task. Can I make the app using flutter? Should I submit a proposal prior of applyig to gsoc2020? Please reply ASAP.

This one looks really interesting, Any pre-requisite for this specific project? Can I use React-native so that we can go for hybrid apps?

Hi - thanks for your interest!

I’m Iain, one of the mentors for this project. Regarding the use of Flutter or React-native, I think the key constraint would be whether these toolkits will be able to integrate with the Evernym mobile SDK on the client-side. I’ll need to refer to Evernym to find out the answer to this. So, please bear with me and I’ll provide an answer on that as soon as I can…

Ok thanks. Please make sure that should we submit a proposal prior to applying for gsoc2020?

hello, I am Prince Sinha .I am second year from CSE NITP.I want to contribute to your project in GSOC’2020 .Please provide github link of your project.

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@mentors , Does this project require use of one of the products of Everynym? Also is there any resources or link to the documentation of the tool kit that could be shared. Thank You.

Hi, thank you for the question - the base plan is to “mock up” the SSI/Evernym integration (eg. using a web backend), but if things go well and we get access to the Evernym SDK in a timely manner then we think it would be a nice step to integrate with the Evernym system for a full end-to-end demo experience.

I have asked the question, just waiting on the answer :slight_smile:

How do you find Flutter? Is it a nice environment to develop with?

I would like to work on this project and develop the application in android studio as it has wide user base and everything can be integrated into it easily. In what manner do we need to provide a prototype? Like do we need to create backend also or it is available.Do we need to submit a proposal now or there is some other procedure

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By “mock up” what do you mean? How do we get started with the project?

Ofcourse flutter is one of the rising mobile app development which can be used to create both iOS and android app using single codebase. Flutter is created by google. Please reply if you have got the answer.:grinning:

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A mockup MUST be part of your proposal. You need to have a clear-concise plan that is realistic to be completed during the tight timeline of GSoC.

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Hello Mentors,I am Darshpreet Singh ,I am currently pursuing BTech in Computer Science & Engineering,I have good experience of developing apps with Java & Kotlin in Android Studio ,I can also work on flutter.

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@iainbarclay the POC of SSI requires a Blockchain channel to be used. But for a mock up, if you’re suggesting a web backend, how does it go well with the idea of SSI, if its centralized?

That’s a good question, thank you - the primary goal of this project is to design and develop the user interface side of the application, so it will be totally fine to use dummy data instead of “real” SSI credentials. That data can be stored in the app or web server, but it will be “simulating” the SSI part of the application so that we can focus on the UI work.

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We have been told that the SDK that we might integrate with is written in ReactNative. Note that there is no requirement to write your solution in ReactNative - when proposing the solution, please consider that this project (as with all projects) is a good opportunity to learn and practice new skills :slight_smile:

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So do we need to write a proposal and submit here in the group prior to applying for gsoc ?

Sounds good. So we should start researching about it and maybe mockup a backend but primarily focus on UI of the app. And should we create the app using our ideas or we should discuss all the necessary details for the inputs with you and other mentors?

Hello everyone ,my good name is jaskirath Singh,right now i am pursuing my btech from IIIT Delhi,more over i am involved in computational biology this semester and also i will be finishing my recent project which is also an application designed for health monitoring for insurance of patients.As i will be done with my project very soon , i would like to devote my further time to this project which i have found to be of my interest.