Project: Create web components for FHIR Resources


In 2018 , We changed how we build applications but working on components that provide FHIR components functionality as web components that can be used on the toolkit, radiology and EHR project.

Please review the code from the last summer project here

  1. (code for the web components)

This was the demo application for the web components -

An example of a postposed way to build the components is available here -

A very extensive discussion of the project which is a MUST read is here - Project: Web Components for FHIR Resources

For this summer (2019) you will assemble all the components into a complete application that is replicable of the LibreHealth Toolkit system : see demo here :

To make this complete , you will need to complete building the web components for the following resources orders and OBSERVATIONS

We prefer for you to use Polymer ( but and javascript language of choice can be used including angular and Jquery

Technical Requirements

  1. Javascript
  2. Web components
  3. REST


  1. Please review FHIR, specifically on the FHIR components
  2. Implement components based on the FHIR resources
  3. An example component -, but not on FHIR
  4. Bonus points - Developing the new UI for radiology or EHR using the components developed in 1 and 2

Prerequisite Task

  • Review above documentation and provide a list of components that are missing
  • Pick one of the resources and make a web component

Deliverable At the end of this project, you would have a repository of various web components with their documentation and a complete end to end toolkit app with the FHIR backend

Potential mentors @namratanehete @sunbiz @judywawira

Any starter task for this?

Hi @judywawira, the GSoC 2018 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet page is closed for new replies. I have used polymer lit-element to create an “active status” component

Hey @bolu,

Fixed that link.

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Hello @gichoya My name is Navneet Choudry currently in my final year of my Bachelor’s degree from JNTUH university Hyderabad. I have experience in working on Html Css Javascript and Polymer2/3 and would like to work on Gsoc2020 project Title : Create web components for FHIR resources

@ashx404 Sorry for the delayed response

I updated the description to make it clear what the task will be for the summer

And I also updated the beginner task

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Hi @judywawira, for the observation resource, we would need to implement the following components; Observation status, observation category, note, interpretation, bodySite, method, code, dataAbsentReason, issued, value and referenceRange. I have created an fhir-observation-status component that can be assessed at What type of orders do you want us to focus on? Orders are not explicitly listed on the FHIR resource list

Please use the following thread: Project: Create web components for FHIR Resources