Project: Enhancements to the ECEB App Based on User Study

Providing essential newborn care interventions is crucial for saving the lives of newborns in low/middle-income settings. The Essential Care for Every Baby (ECEB) mobile application is a powerful tool that can help nurses and doctors make informed decisions and provide high-quality care to newborns during the first day of life. However, to make the app more effective and user-friendly, I conducted a user study and participatory design sessions with three user groups. In this post, I will share my insights from the study and the improvements I made to the ECEB app based on my research.

User Study: To better understand the users’ needs and challenges, I conducted a user study with three groups: nurses, doctors, and healthcare administrators. The study involved browsing similar UI Interfaces by observing the users’ interaction with the app. The key insights I gained from the study are:

  1. I found the app’s UI complex and overwhelming, with too much information and features displayed on the screen.
  2. I had difficulties navigating the app and finding the information they needed quickly.

Participatory Design: Based on the insights from the user study, I conducted participatory using myself as the user groups. It involved brainstorming, prototyping, and testing the app’s UI with my feedback. The key improvements I made to the app based on the participatory design sessions are:

  1. Simplifying the UI by removing unnecessary features and information and using a more intuitive navigation system.
  2. Improving the app’s performance and stability by optimizing the widgets to be rendered.
  3. Adding a screen that will serve as a guide on how to use the app

Designs made so far

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So, are you going to contribute in ECEB? I was just curious to know about, and you have made the UI in figma or directly in app I mean flutter. Regards Sanchit

I made the UI in figma. I haven’t implement it in flutter yet

This is a GSoC Project You’re not supposed to do it now – unless it’s the starter task but otherwise this is a project for Google Summer of Code.

I’m so sorry for that. From some instructions I read, it was noted that we need to interact with the community but unfortunately I didn’t get it so well I’ll take it down now

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I already took it down. You interact by using the threads that we set up.

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I have submitted my proposal @r0bby @sunbiz @shbucher @geepriya With All Updates Told in the draft shown , Please Review And Tell If There are areas for improvement.

Hey mentors, Can i Contribute in it. I can make the changes in the app for you that will look good? Thanks.