Project: Develop an Android mobile application for newborn clinical decision support

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@Darshpreet2000 this is where you will communicate – you may also use our blog. I am considering this Jitsi meet room public if you need video conferencing.

Thanks, @r0bby ! @Darshpreet2000 , welcome!

Best, Dr. Sherri

Thank you , I am really very excited to contribute in this project & improve my skills & learn a lot of new things. I am really glad to be part of this project & this organization. Thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity

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Thanks, Darshpreet. On this project, @sunbiz will serve as the technical expert in regards to coding and development of programming skills related to developing the Android mobile application, in particular, integration of the app within the DHIS2 platform. I will serve as the content and context expert – how, when, and why we envision this app will be utilized in a feasible, acceptable, safe, and effective way within the settings for which we are designing it. Dr. Purkayastha and I have successfully collaborated, using this model, on the development of DHIS2-integrated mobile apps from 2016 to present. We are really excited for you to join our on-going, iterative efforts, via this GSoC cohort! Best, Dr. Sherri

Thank you @shbucher , Can we start setting up DHIS2 during Community Bonding Period ? I will discuss with you & start creating structure of Tracker Programs , Tracked entities, Stages, Program Notifications etc in DHIS2 and I will show it to you for your suggestions & feedback to correctly set up them.

If you already have a DHIS2 deployed then please can you give access of it to me or we can set up a new DHIS2, I can deploy it on linux server for development.

@Darshpreet2000 , welcome to the project. Please use the development server mentioned in the post here for your development - Project: Scaling up the mobileHBS/DHIS2 Tracker and Trainer applications - #16 by sunbiz

In the DHIS2 here, a program Essential Care For Every Baby is already created, I think I am supposed to use that program. But some attributes are different as compared to the adobe XD UI.

For Example , In Baby registration stage there are only 5 attributes, But in the adobe xd UI Shared there are more attributes like babies delivered , mode of delivery , skin color changes , traumas during birth

| DHIS2 | Adobe XD |


| |

Should I modify the program to match according to Adobe XD UI attributes? Or should I proceed with same program ?

Yes, please feel free to modify as appropriate. It is created for testing purposes only.

This week’s Blog

I have doubt regarding individual & facility Login ,

From my understanding -

Individual Login - For doctors to register baby, doing assessments

Facility Login - nurses/other persons with Only View access to monitor baby’s health & alert doctors.

We can assign user roles as doctor/facility member to identify

@sunbiz Would you please clarify the access to be given to each ?

I think these are configurations that should be done from the server side and permissions that should be managed based on the org unit and not from the app side.

We need to triage the bunch of issues that are there at the moment. Close the old ones that are not going to be worked on, and instead create new ones on features that can be worked on and tested as units.

I want to confirm, are you saying about the issues which are here LibreHealth / LibreHealth Incubating Projects / mhbs / ECEB · GitLab ?

@sunbiz would you please clarify the below points

  • As we are hardcoding UI part in app, Users who will be using our app will need to setup their DHIS2 program/Stages/DataElements exactly same as ours? Is this Okay? They will be able to modify program rule classification logic only.

  • I will prepare a documentation in the end through which users will be able to setup their dhis2 same as ours.

We can have a small meeting if we want to discuss more

@r0bby would you please set up a repository in LibreHealth gitlab using this Darshpreet Singh / Essential Care For Every Baby · GitLab and provide a developer access to me?

Yes, that is what I was referring to. We will be moving away from Github from where we imported everything and use Gitlab exclusively for the project.

I think this is okay and expected. We may want to provide the expected metadata export in the Releases on the Gitlab project, but nothing else. That will ensure that any new implementers who want ECEB metadata can ixport that XML into their DHIS2.

We need the history of the earlier version and so please let us NOT start another repo. Please send an MR to the existing repo and I can tag the existing to older version release.

Thank you for answering my queries & fast response, I have created a merge request in that project

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Week 1 Blog

Screen Shots

Merge Request

I want to ask , Is this On Call Doctor’s program correct? I think the only problem with this structure is that the person who is entering data will need to everyday modify the Schedule of Doctor’s. @sunbiz Please would you suggest on this?

yes, I think this is fine. You can make it a repeatable stage in a program, and then maybe write a rule that when it gets current value, and adds it to the next day. I don’t know if the program rule stuff will work, but try it and let us know.

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Week 2 Blog

Merge Requests in week 2

Screen Shots

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I love the dark mode. Looks cool. @shbucher what do you think?

Amazing work @Darshpreet2000 – knocking it out of the park thus far!

Thank You @r0bby and @sunbiz

@sunbiz I was able to export the metadata, but on importing it to a play server, I am getting errors, I think we need to upgrade our dhis2 instance and this is a bug in the version which we are using. I found it here

Here is the link to exported metadata metadata.json · metadata · Darshpreet Singh / ECEB · GitLab

generated from here