GSoC 2021 Student meet and greet

Congratulations to all 5 of our fantastic @gsoc2021students. Use this topic to introduce yourselves and whatever else.


Hello everyone :slight_smile: . I’m Shashwat, I’m very happy that my proposal got accepted.

I am currently a second year undergraduate pursuing Bachelor Of Technology from NIT TRICHY India. I love to develop stuff and explore new technologies. I am a part of the team responsible for maintaing my college’s websites and developing applications for various college based fests. I also love to participate in Hackathons.

Apart from these I like to watch premier league football and support manchester united FC.

PROJECT I will be working on Create web components for FHIR Resources. This project will be based on developing an EHR using the already created fhir web-components along with some which will be created simultaneously.

looking forward to a productive summer ahead !


Hello everyone, I am Darshpreet Singh, I have also participated in GSoC last year & I am really very glad to be a part of it again . I am really thankful to mentors for accepting my proposal. Looking forward for an exciting summer with all of you.

About Me

I am currently pursuing Bachelor Of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering, I live in India, I have great skills in Mobile App Development using Flutter. I have contributed on Cost Of Care Project of LibreHealth & I have developed mobile , web app, web scraper on that project under guidance of mentor Mua Rachmann & other mentors.

Other than coding I like to play Football, Table Tennis & watching movies.

Selected Project . I am selected for the project Develop an Android mobile application for newborn clinical decision support

I will develop a great app using Flutter which will work on both Android & IOS.

Goal of this project is to provide clinical decision-support for nurses and doctors delivering essential newborn care interventions during the first day of life.

This application provides knowledge, skills, and competencies to nurses and doctors in low/middle-income settings so that they can provide life-saving care to newborns from birth through 24 hours postnatal

Why I Find LibreHealth interesting

LibreHealth is free & Open Source Organisation. It provides HealthCare Softwares which are very much beneficial in Health Care Sectors. Health is very important for humanity amidst this pandemic & this organization is doing a great job. Moreover, LibreHealth is using latest technologies for its software development like Flutter which is beneficial for upcoming contributors & this orgranization.

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hello everyone, My name is Mahavir Singh.I am 3rd-year student (B.Tech CSE ) from ADGITM Delhi.I am happy to be part of GSOC 2021.Thank-you mentors for providing me an opportunity. I am selected for Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Cost of Care Explorer. I am going to improve the existing flutter and web app Cost of Care Explorer . LibreHealth is open source organisation and at the current time we need good software which saves users time as well as which add some value in their life and LibreHealth is providing them such good software. That is what attracts me to LibreHealth. I am exiced to work with LibreHealth this summer and I hope I will have many learning opportunity. Congratulation all.


Hello my Name is Shivaditya I am a sophomore student at the Department of Computer Science Engineering at VIT Chennai. I frequently use machine learning and data analysis for getting a deep understanding about intricacies present in the data at hand.

I will be working on Project: Neural network-based object detection of anatomical structures and medical artifacts in Virtual Reality

LibreHealth is one of the largest EHR open-source projects. And in the present scenario Health has become paramount. This is what made me choose LibreHealth for my Google Summer of Code project


Hello Everyone. This is Bhavesh, a B.Tech student from IIT Dhanbad. I am an Android Developer and love to make android app or solutions that could be used to solve real-life problems. First of all, I am very thankful to the LibreHealth community for giving me an opportunity to work this summer with them.

I will be working on Project: Scaling up the mobileHBS/DHIS2 Tracker and Trainer applications - mHBS - LibreHealth Forums during my GSoC period.

Congratulations to all my fellow mates for GSoC-21