Project: Develop an Android mobile application for newborn clinical decision support

Hello mentors, I have submitted the draft proposal for the project. So if you have any suggestions or sections on my proposal that I could work on to improve my proposal please let me know as I would love to work on this project. Thank you.

Hello Mentors, I have submitted my draft proposal for this project. Please give me feedback on this so that I can improve it. I am very much excited to work on this project. Thank You

As I have said before, please apply to other projects. We won’t be able to accept many students to the same project and there have been many who have applied to this project already.

A reminder that you can make up to 3 proposals, aim for 2 though – beyond that quality will suffer.

The GSoC proposal should be with flutter or we can use Java and Android studio? As the project description says we have to make an android app that can be build efficiently with java and as android studio is optimize for java.

So what should we choose Flutter or Java? If any of them then does both proposal get equal opportunity?

I come from China. What you have learned is very different from ours. My situation is very embarrassing. Allow me to complain.

No, you can use Java. There is no requirement to use Flutter. Android is our primary platform and that’s what we say in the project title as well. Also, if you read through the thread, this question has been answered a few times.

We understand… Make the best proposal based on the skills you have. Find the best organization in GSoC that fits your skills. It may not be LibreHealth because we are a domain-heavy open-source project.

Please feel free to contribute to our projects and gain the skills and next year you can apply for GSoC.

hello i am shekhar shinde ,persuing IT engineering currently in 2nd year of college i have experience of 1 year in android development i have contributed to open source and i would love to contribute to the app. please tell me what steps should i follow to make a gsoc proposal? @sunbiz what is my starter task ?

One note: competition is heavy for this and we favor those who read the information we put out. You can make up to 3 proposals, but focus on 2 because quality suffers beyond that.

Can anyone explain to me what data we have to show on this screen? what is this feature in the app?

Should we have to show today’s scheduled assessment tests or whenever a assessment completed should send the updated health status and details as notification to the other person’s and show up in this screen. @Darshpreet2000 @sunbiz please share your thoughts

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Notification Screen has Two Parts

Risk Assessments List of active babies with their risk assessments using API, we use classification attribute (which needs to be created) to classify babies health

/api/33/trackedEntityInstances.json?ou={organization Id}&program={program Id}

Monitoring Alerts To show upcoming Events/Assessments for each baby

We can use status=SCHEDULE as parameter to know about new scheduled events

/api/29/events.json?orgUnit={organization Id}&program={program Id }&status=SCHEDULE

On click of List item we want to show all events of that tracked entity (Baby)

Getting all events for a particular Baby (Tracked Entity) by id

/api/33/events.json?orgUnit={organization Id}&program={program Id}&trackedEntityInstance={Tracked Entity Id]

Thankyou @sunbiz for taking the time to provide your feedback on my proposal.


@sunbiz I have addressed all the changes as suggested by you. Can you please have a look again?


Hi @sunbiz, Can you please review my proposal and provide your valuable feedback. I have already shared the draft proposal with you.

Thank you

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Hi @shbucher I am Mukul, I am currently studying for my Bachelors in Computer Application in IMS ROORKEE. I came to know about your community through GSOC. I love your community and what it stands for. This project is simply great and I would love to work on this for you. Let me know if I could be of any help to you. I could start working on this immediately if you wish.


My name is Rashid and I am an Android Developer. I would love to be part of this project for GSOC21. I have worked with Java, Kotlin, Parse, Firebase, Json.

Kind Regards Rashid

You did submit a proposal, but not sure what your proposal was supposed to be for. That said, it’s likely too late to start a new one.

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Your proposal is also rather lacking substantially as well and completely unrelated to this or any of the project ideas we have posted. We do not accept project proposals for projects when you didn’t discuss them with us prior.

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