Project: Develop an Android mobile application for newborn clinical decision support

This has too much metadata in it, including organization unit, users, etc. We should only be exporting program related metadata that is necessary and can be imported by others who want to start implementing the ECEB on their existing DHIS2 instances.

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I merged a few MRs, but I noticed that the unit tests are different from the UI code. May I suggest that UX changes or business logic for storing, and their respective unit tests should be in the same MR.

Week 6 Blog

Thanks to mentors for passing me in first evaluations, I am really thankful to you & I will work on your suggestions given in feedback.

I want to discuss how discharge of baby needs to be done, I have the following queries @sunbiz would you please clarify them

  • we have 4 stages and 5th stage as discharge
  • Does discharge need to be done only after 24 hours from birth?
  • Do we have to repeat stage 4 after every 3-4 hour till 24 hours?
  • And Do we have to classify health after every stage - 4 assessments?
  • And what if baby’s health is still in danger or problem and 24 hours have passed (In this case I think we can still repeat stage 4 after every 3 hour till the baby is not normal and once it becomes normal then we can safely discharge)

I don’t think the discharge should be automatic, but they should be out of the program, if all the assessments are okay… If not, then the stage assessments should continue till discharged.
@shbucher please correct, if I am wrong.

yes, it should be repeated.

Thanks for answering my queries

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Doctor’s Schedule List & On call doctors

Discharge Stage

great work @Darshpreet2000. I cant believe how much functionality you’ve covered in so few weeks. Amazing!!

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Your words of kudos always encourage me, Thank you for guiding me

Week 9 Blog

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@sunbiz Would you please tell how we should do individual/facility login feature

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@sunbiz Would you please review this MR CI for Android signed apk, Server URL textfield, Organization ID textfield , Program rules update feature, Configured Android release,Added Fdroid Fastlane (!26) · Merge requests · LibreHealth / LibreHealth Incubating Projects / mhbs / ECEB · GitLab

After merging this I will deploy the app to F-Droid.

I have also completed final evaluations, Link to my final report Google Summer Of Code 2021 Final Report · GitHub

I am really very much thankful to you @sunbiz for mentoring me during the program, Thank you for reviewing all my merge requests, merging them & also providing me feedback.

Amazing work! I am really proud of you for knocking yet another GSoC out of the park!

Thank you

I have created a MR to deploy to F-Droid & the apk will be on F-Droid in next 4-5 days

Would you please have a look on this CI, it is not passing for the Tag v1.0.0

Good work but change the package to io.librehealth.mhbs.essential_care_for_every_baby

to explain io.librehealth.subproject.whatever

This is part of mHBS (mobile Helping Babies Survive)

I’m going to have to fix this. There will be a period where the fdroid link is broken.

Corrective fdroid MR: rename package for io.librehealth.toolkit.essential_care_for_every_baby.yml to... (!9653) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

I retagged the release.

@Darshpreet2000 did you even spot check your work when you submitted to fdroid because when you copied from Cost of Care Explorer? I fixed it.