Project: Android application to show birth registration & newborn health data

This is the thread for Project: Android application to show birth registration & newborn health data


Thank You @iainbarclay @r0bby @Maria-Freytsis for this opportunity. I’m ver eager to work on this!.

Please use this post for all public communication. You have a video conference room setup

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Congratulations! We are looking forward to working with you, and having a productive summer!


Hello Prajwal,

We’re so looking forward to getting to know you and working together! Please send some windows of availability for an introductory call next week Tuesday-Friday. I am on EST (NYC) and Iain is on GMT (UK).

Thank you, Maria

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No phone calls. All communication must be public, instead use the video call button above. @Maria-Freytsis, also I am based in the Mid Hudson Valley region of NY, close to NYC – so if things get better during the summer, it’d be nice to meet and say hi.

@r0bby - yes, nice to know you are local to me, and being in the same time zone makes call scheduling a bit easier! It seems like we would want to stick with early morning calls EST time to have it be reasonable times for @prajwal27.

@iainbarclay and I are both available for a call at 9am EST tomorrow (Wednesday). If that works for all 4 of us maybe we could plan to get on an LH video call to get acquainted and discuss a bit of the logistics?

I can make myself available.

9am EST (Wednesday) sounds good.

Great! @r0bby I’m not totally sure how the video function works. If you can set up a group call for us and send invites that would be great. Thanks!

Click the button in the original post: image

it uses this:

To make it easier:

Link to the meet : @iainbarclay @Maria-Freytsis @r0bby

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Do you folks mind using GitLab vs GitHub? Going to make a repo for this project.

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Is there any major difference between the two? I’m ok with anything. Also, @iainbarclay I got access to Evernym Mobile SDK.

No, the button just embeds the above in a modal that is embedded.

@r0bby I meant any difference in github and gitlab ?

I have no preference on GitHub vs gitlab - happy to go with whatever you prefer @r0bby

@prajwal27 glad you got the SDK access, hope it make sense. From the technical side, I would become familiar with how things work - as I said on the call, there are several factors which can influence the client side development language - our primary target will be Android, but if we also get cross-platform without trouble that will be a bonus - but also consider your experience and what languages and platforms you want to develop further expertise in.

One other thing to consider - although we are using Evernym’s SDK today, we don’t want to get “locked in” to it for the future, so while I think we want to stick with a “thick client” - please consider in your investigation how we could do some abstraction between our UI/app code and the Evernym SDK so we can swap it out for another compatible (open source) SDK at some time in the future.

This is an exciting time to be working in the “blockchain identity” space - there is the launch of the Trust over IP Foundation within the Linux Foundation today - there are quite a few videos on this, this one may be good - (I haven’t watched yet) - but this should give us a nice platform to build on in the coming months and years.

Let me know if you have any questions on anything, and I will try to help…


@iainbarclay How do we communicate with the Evernym team. They can’t be a part of this forum right? Some other public form of communication is required. Also, @r0bby Can we have a call anytime soon, because u were missing the last time.

Please have them join. Everything has to be publicly auditable. If I don’t see activity here or in the chat…I’m assuming you’re not working.