Radiology Reporting

Abstract Radiology Reporting forms the basis for most clinical diagnosis thereby making it a very important sector in the clinical eco-system. The purpose of this project description is to give an overview of the day-to-day activity of Radiologists and their interactions with other parts of the Healthcare delivery eco-system. It is common knowledge that we currently do not have any open-source radiology module available for radiology reporting, in this project, we would build on the current limitations of the vendor-based radiology reporting-focused applications and develop a customizable and comprehensive software solution to be available for both clinical and research purposes. Intended Users Radiologists, Staff and Trainee Project Developer@teleivo Project Managers@judywawira@sunbiz Objectives In the process of developing the framework for radiology reporting, we would work towards achieving the following: • Develop an interface for the reporting activity. • Integrate with existing applications that support text-editing, voice recognition etc. • Provide the template reusability functionality. • Provide functionality to save reporting to resumed • Give access and reports approval privileges based on hierarchy (Trainee and Staff) • Integrate with an existing communication system that supports both texts and file transfer. • Provide application customization privileges to users based on their needs.

Requirements Good Java skills Familiarity with J2EE web programming (e.g., JSPs) Familiarity with Spring Framework

Resources • Watch this video that describes the workflow of radiology


Please contain all questions about this project to this thread.

Hello @r0bby .

The particular project looks really interesting and I am looking forward to be a part of GSoC this year for the first time. My primary skills include Java, REST API, Spring and hibernate frameworks. I have much familiar with OpenMRS radiology module. I would like to know more about this project. Do I have to develop separate module ? Please guide me.

The person you need to speak to is @judywawira

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Thank you r0bby Hi @judywawira , @sunbiz, Could you please guide me to select on a project and the scope :slight_smile: ?

@Yasara it’s a little odd you say your are familiar with the radiology module and the next question is whether you should develop a new module …,.

Please look at the #gsoc list of projects to pick one hat you are interested in working on this summer

Spend some time looking through the past chats to see what other students have asked and discussed

Hi!@judywawira, @sunbiz I’m interesting in this project, and going to write proposal. I have commercial experience with Java EE and Spring(IoC, MVC, Boot, Data, Security), so sure my knowledge will be useful. I have some question about the project. This task aims to create a new module for reporting HL7 massages to other modules. I think to develop a new report microservice. Or do you want to add it to current module? And second question: should we develop UI design and create JSP pages with Spring MVC? (how I imagine this)

We have had these conversations on the GSOC chat please browse past conversations. If you followed the steps for deploying radiology you would know what’s been done

In summary we will use open web apps so your proposal should show how you will do this against a background of fhir rest points

There were some mandatory task for you to work on for your proposal to get considered too