Project: Incorporate reporting workflow into Radiology

If you check out the demo of the radiology site - the radiology site loads all the studies being performed though the OHIF viewer as shown below

The reporting process for the radiologist begins after selecting the “Claim Study” button and it should allow the user to select a template , dictate the report, sign the report and send a copy to the EMR and the PACS system. Once a study is completed it should fall off the dictated list and once a user clicks on the patient they should be able to review the results

This project will function to implement this end to end reporting workflow. Please refer to prior discussion threads on reporting -

Mentors @judywawira @sunbiz @namratanehete


Technical Requirements Java, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MachineLearning, deep learning


I wish to join the project so I can contribute, but I’m still a beginner at HTML/CSS/JS how can I be of help/contribute

You will need to learn Java.

I am more interested in this kind of project in my gsoc and I would like to join this large community,

Where we can find the demo of the radiology site?

It’s listed on our website, but

Hello @judywawira , i spend some time to understanding Radiology Workflow and project with help of my friend he is medicine student :). i want to ask you, should i start working on project and if i have question can i ask here?

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@r0bby hello, when i try to login i have an

error Invalid username/password. Please try again.

i changed my password and tried again but i don’t work. am i missing something?

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What password did you change? All our demo server credentials are listed here:

I am rebuilding the Radiology server. Do not expect your changes to be persistent beyond the day.

ah i see, i changed my user password. Sorry. It is all good now.

what password? The Admin account is not yours, it belongs to everyone.

Yes i know. I didn’t change anything. I changed my forum.librehealth password.

Okay – yeah – you need be more specific – you had me worried. You know you can use GitHub OAuth, right? :slight_smile:

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Yes i know. I am also making a project with Spring and OAuth support before i use JWT tokens and I also use Jhipster. But nowadays i had some issues and some exams so i cloudnt spend time on GSoC Intro: 3-tier architecture for FHIR Resource in lh-toolkit module` i think i can make it i mean i am using Hibernate more than 3 years now. How much time do i have?

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To whom should i send my proposal for review? @judywawira @r0bby

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Please post it publicly.

Watched the radiology report workflow videos and read the past chats on what is entailed in this project… will examine my approach of implementation and consult for more clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

Ask all questions publicly – either here or on the chat. I do not want to see private chats happening. I do have the ability to check this, but I do not like doing it since it’s an invasion of privacy.

y, Yes Sir… i am quite aware. Those rules are engraved in my mind. Will be doing all chats here or on the chat like always