Project: Incorporate reporting workflow into Radiology

If you check out the demo of the radiology site - the radiology site loads all the studies being performed though the OHIF viewer as shown below

The reporting process for the radiologist begins after selecting the “Claim Study” button and it should allow the user to select a template, dictate the report, sign the report and send a copy to the EMR and the PACS system. Once a study is completed it should fall off the dictated list and once a user clicks on the patient they should be able to review the results

This project will function to implement this end to end reporting workflow. Please refer to prior discussion threads on reporting -

Mentors @judywawira @sunbiz @namratanehete


Technical Requirements Java, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MachineLearning, deep learning

Starter tasks:

  • fork the lh-radiology repo
  • create a new tab by editing the omod for radiology reporting
  • In the new tab add a page that demonstrates the Web Speech API for Speech Recognition and adds to the spoken sentences as text into a text area component.
  • Send an MR for this new feature

This is preliminary and is not a definite project.

This is a critical project to make lh-radiology more useable by adding the report writing workflow. I hope we receive some interests from students for this project.

Hello Mentors, Can I work on this Project ?

Hello @sunbiz My name is Victor and I’m a second year student at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, with a bachelor degree in Computer Science. like to take part in GSOC 21 and I really liked this project idea and looking forward to contributing to the same. I currently know Java, Android Development, MySQL and a some frontend technologies(HTML, CSS and Javascript).

Your proposal is lacking in fine details and you have not done the starter task. Where are your wireframes? I wrote a lot of tips: README: The period for students to apply has commenced: Some advice from us

If you don’t submit a proposal and do the starter task, no. Less than 24hrs to go. We can only accept you if you submit and finalize a proposal.

Thank you for the advice. I have updated my propose and I will do the starting task. (I’ve already started it)


I am going to give you until 2021-04-23T00:00:00Z to get this done, technically, this should have been done by the deadline.

@MirescuVictor how is it going? I am not liking the radio silence at all. I am giving you a chance to do what should have been done during the application period and is clearly defined and stated in the project description.

Hi @r0bby Thanky you for opportunity. I work on it but I can’t finish until tomorrow because I have exams at my university and I need more time to understand the all project. I’m sorry for the delay, I’m honest with you and I tell you that I really want to be part of this project, but I had many university projects to finish.

I will work more on it starting next week and I will definitely finish in due time.


Can you have it complete by 2021-04-30T00:00:00Z?

I’ll try to finish Thank you

Okay, time is up. This should have been done BEFORE the deadline for proposals.