Project: Participatory design enhancements to NeoRoo app

@DoniaEsawi and @Mehul-Kumar-27 – This is where all of your communications this summer will reside.

Congratulations from all of us here at LibreHealth!

You may use the Jitsi room below for video chat. I count the fact that it’s linked as it being public.

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I have added a Jitsi room link – you may use that and only that if you need video conferencing.

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Hello @DoniaEsawi and @Mehul-Kumar-27. @sunbiz, myself, and the other mentors on this project are excited to be working with you on GSoC 2023! We would like to set up regular meetings, and are looking at the possibility of Wednesdays at 10 am EST. Can you kindly check your calendar and revert if this day/time would work in your location? Best, Dr. Bucher


Hello @shbucher and @sunbiz, thank you for reaching out. I am equally thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to LibreHealth during the GSoC 2023. Wednesdays at 10:00 am EST work perfectly for me.

Great, @Mehul-Kumar-27 ! We will start next week. In the meantime, @sunbiz and I are meeting today to finalize Summer planning. More information will be posted on the forum later today, EST. Thanks!

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Hello Dr. @shbucher ,

Thank you for reaching out and for your warm welcome! I am excited to work with you and the rest of the mentors on this project for GSoC 2023.

Wednesdays at 10 am EST works for me and I am available for regular meetings at that time. I will mark my calendar accordingly.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to our future discussions.

Do we need to join the Jitsi room for the meet ?

Hello @sunbiz and Dr. @shbucher,

As the coding period has started, I have begun working on the authentication section to get started. In my proposal, I mentioned a problem that currently exists in the application. The issue revolves around the hardcoded uids of the tracked attributes and tracked entities of the NeoRoo program present at the DHIS2 server. This could pose a major problem in large-scale deployments since not all hospitals would have the same DHIS2 server and uids would be different for them, thereby restricting their access to the NeoRoo program.

To address this problem, I have proposed creating an API layer. This layer would fetch the uids of the attributes and the entity of the NeoRoo program after successful authentication from the DHIS2 server, which the user enters on the login page. If the attributes are present, this API section would store them in the application. However, if they are not present, it would proceed to create them.

Would you like me to work on this until we meet on Wednesday?

You have both missed one weekly report. Miss 3 and you’re out. You are responsible for checking all the threads.

It was stated here: Some information on GSoC and what we expect of you

You cannot claim you did not know. Missing one will not hurt you – miss more and it will. Please complete the weekly reports ASAP that was due on Friday.

Jiatsu link last week didn’t work, so the teams were unable to meet. @sunbiz and I will now utilize public zoom links. I am currently in DC on NIH business. @sunbiz will meet with the teams this week.

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Yes, but it didn’t work. I hurriedly tried to generate a Zoom link, but that didn’t work either. I hope this week will go more smoothly, with @sunbiz… Wednesday 10 am, EST.

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Certainly, I will be prepared for the meeting at the designated time.

Here is my Week 1 Blog Post -: Week 1 -: GSOC’23 with LibreHealth

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Please join the meeting for GSoC projects here: from 10 AM EST or 2:00 PM UTC

Please come prepared with an extension of the proposal’s timeline as a PPT, a list of issues, and their description that you will work on over the summer. So, an issue should be the most basic unit of work and there can be 3-4 issues that you can work on to implement a feature. We will discuss your suggested issue list and prioritize the order in which you should start working on them.


@sunbiz , Dr @shbucher , I have opened a new issue, and the here is the pull request for the same. Please review it, and suggest the enhancements that could be made.

Here is my Week 2 Blog Post -: Week 2-: GSOC’23 with LibreHealth

Hello sir @sunbiz , Hello Dr. @shbucher , I’ve opened a merge request to address the issue of the landing page UI. Can you review it, please?

Here’s my weekly blog post: Week 1 of Coding: Landing Screen 🛬

@sunbiz, as you suggested, I tried creating a data element group. However, when attempting to assign data elements to it, I encountered an issue. Instead of getting the tracked entity attributes, only the data elements were available for selection. It seems that we can only assign data elements to a data element group. Is there a way to include tracked entity attributes in the assignment process as well?

Also I have updated the Merge Request, please review it for further improvements.

@sunbiz I have made another commit on the same merge request of the changes you suggested, I’m so sorry for being late on fixing it, I just had a problem with my email and didn’t get the notification but this won’t happen again