Project: Improving FHIR Analytics Using Apache Spark and Cassandra

During GSoC 2018, we have built the base of the FHIR analytics module , now we can focus on integrating the module to the platform and improve the features of it.

The current Librehelath FHIR analytics module is powered by Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra and Cerner Bunsen modules with Spring framework. This module provide flexibility to analyze FHIR data which stored in the Cassandra Database. Module utilize the functionality provided by the Cerner Bunsen module with Spark SQL which provide convenient interface to query FHIR data using different parameters. Even this module allow users to join multiple FHIR resources and find relationships through Spark SQL query language.

The repository can be found here .

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This sounds like an exciting project for Toolkit!

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FHIR is for interoperability between EHR systems, so win for EHR too once FHIR is implemented :slight_smile:

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Yes I will mentor this one.

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Can you please communicate with the Outreachy mentors once this begins to work with EHR? This will assure an effective process for both teams.

I would suggest reaching out to @htuck if it occurs after June 1.

Thank you. It would be great to see both GSoC students and Outreachy Interns making positive progress for LibreHealth.

I’m not entirely sure that FHIR support is in EHR right now.

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OK. A concept for the future…