Project: Improving FHIR Analytics Using Apache Spark and Cassandra

If you have researched and need help, feel free to ask.

Thank you very much. But right now I got the information I needed. Will ask you if needed.

Hello Everyone,

During the last entire week, I tried to understand this project. As it is an extension of the earlier project, I read the mailing list of that project. I also read blogs written by @prashadi. I also researched about FHIR, Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, etc.

So, following is my understanding of this project : -

LibreHealth has developed a platform based on FHIR specification. Cassandra is used as a data source. Apache Spark is used to perform analytics. Datastax provides Cassandra Spark connector which allows users to load data directly from Cassandra database to Spark models. Datastax also provides a java driver which provides the support to access Cassandra database by both the ways- native manner and using CQL. Then bunsen encoders convert data into a dataset that allows users to run Spark SQL on top of FHIR data. Then it will be converted to Spark data frames using bunsen library.

I am very fascinated by this project and interested in contributing here. Especially during this time when the world is facing a pandemic and without exchanging the healthcare information it is difficult for every nation to counter it. I am posting to this to know whether or not I understood the project properly. I request you to please guide me if I misunderstood anything.

Right now I am working on the objectives of this project, will discuss it in a couple of days.

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@khanjan Yes you have got the idea correctly. It’s very good to see your progress. Also I hope you aware of the application guidelines where you have to have atleast two contributions to the librehealth platform. Let me know if you have further questions around this.

Thank a lot. I read about it in Prerequisites and was going to ask about that. Actually I learned Java and then Android Studio as I was keen on contributing to an android project. But when I went through the project ideas I changed my mind. Will it be fine if I contribute to any Android project on Librehealth?

Please guide me for this.

Read the project descriptions for those. We will not hold your hand.

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I went through the project am working on the proposal. Will the contributions made after tomorrow considered or should they be made before that and mentioned in the proposal?

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