LibreHealth application for Google Summer of Code 2020 completed

I have just completed the LibreHealth Google Summer of Code 2020. A few question answers are tentative but otherwise, let’s make this a great year!

@judywawira, @sunbiz – accept the org admin invite, please.


Great …,will be applying this year.!

We’re working on that process for this year.

@judywawira and me have discussed a list of projects. We’ll get those projects ideas out after 31st Jan, since we have a grant deadline.

@shbucher will also have a few project ideas out by then. We have discussed at least 10-15 project ideas, which we will put out as new topics on the forums, like in previous years.

I re-opened some ideas – if you don’t agree with those, feel free to nuke the #gsoc2020-project and #gsoc2020 tag, absent of those tags, they won’t appear on our “ideas page.” Also @sunbiz – see Signal – I proposed some ideas.

yes, only a few we will take from last year. Signal doesn’t give me notifications. So sorry @r0bby for missing those.

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Only one i took was Project: Improving FHIR Analytics Using Apache Spark and Cassandra.

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Let’s make new topics if using projects which were not completed, or did not get a student. Doing so means that we start with a fresh slate for the thread.

Please place project ideas in #community:gsoc category please and add a tag for the project as well.

We need a few more project ideas @judywawira and @sunbiz. I’m not sure how many Google typically looks for, but I’m thinking maybe 5 or 6 total. We obviously won’t get students for all but just to have ideas fleshed out. We can always move them from year to year if needed.

@robby we came up with lots of ideas just havent posted them yet

Some will come from last year too


Could you make new threads and just copy the first message? If you tell me which ones, I can do it and help out. This way it’s cleaner, fresh clean threads to ask questions.

Hi @robby could I chime in with one or two keeping in mind obviously if an interested student shows up and is willing to work

@muarachmann – If they’re for EHR, no – we don’t have enough mentors on-hand. Outreachy is handling EHR right now anyways. There needs to be AT LEAST two mentors for each project. One thing I do not want to happen is to have a student get accepted, and then be left in the lurch.

@judywawira, I carried some over – I think we have enough breathing room now such that Google won’t reject us for an inadequate ideas page and switched ownership to you for the initial post.