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The coding session starts today. For ease of access to the updates about this project, here are the links to my weekly blog posts and feedbacks.

Weekly blog posts:

Weekly feedbacks: Google Summer of Code Weekly Feedback

Also, I have forked the GitLab project where I will be creating new components here. I will create Issues and merge requests to monitor my progress for approval by my mentor @sunbiz .

Based on the currently available components. We should start with 4 basic workflows which are; Creating a new patient record, finding a patient record, creating a new location, and creating a new organization. Pari and I have a meeting scheduled later today to iron out the workflow. Once that is done, we will create the issue and the Wiki for the project. Then she can start working continue working on the prototype.

@bolu, Sounds like a good plan. But please go back to my original discussion. If you agree, please create issues and sub-issues as tasks that will be done. Document the output of non-coding tasks on the wiki. Please feel free to disagree and discuss:

  1. Come up with 3-4 user personas (registration clerk, registration clerk at outpatient, general physician, nurse, etc. – prioritize for the most important ones) – document their roles, duties, experience, etc. This should be common practice for UX designers.

  2. The basic workflows that you listed are good. However, they are different for each user persona. E.g. new patient registration by the registration clerk, vs patient check-in (slide 7 from ONC’s template). Those should be treated differently, and might be customizations on the same web component. Prioritize which workflows for which personas.

  3. Look at that ONC workflow template for different forms or data entry points in a workflow. That will give you some probable fields that can be part of one or multiple forms. This should help create wireframes for the prioritized workflows for the prioritized personas.

  4. Map the fields in the wireframe to FHIR resources and test out the FHIR calls to a test HAPI server.

  5. Create high-fidelity designs in Adobe XD that can be exported to HTML/CSS.

  6. Break out into the smallest unit web component that can exist on its own with the FHIR resource. Write a polymer component/class for it.

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@sunbiz I have a clearer picture of what is required now. I will start on these and I will have the accompanying documentation in the wiki and issues

Yes, working on the personas.

@sunbiz I have created two issues, one for creating personas and the other for creating a workflow for each persona

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GitLab wiki page created for four Personas

@sunbiz I added a new package to my forked librehealth-webcomponents repo and I ran the lerna bootstrap --use-workspaces but I can get the custom element to work. what do you think might be the cause? I checked for the version of polymer, the one indicated in the workspace’s package.json was 0.5.2 but i have the version 0.7.1. installed locally.