Project: Build LibreHealth Toolkit on top of HAPI FHIR

The FHIR standard has become a de-facto way for RESTful communication with EHR systems. We would like to have the next version of lh-toolkit to be based on FHIR RESTful services. However, the rapid changes in the FHIR standard are hard to follow. Thankfully, the HAPI library is a high-quality, robust Java-based library that we can use to be up to date with the FHIR releases.

The GSoC project will build on the HAPI JPA server and have the following main deliverables:

  1. Deploy it over MySQL/PostgreSQL using JPA.
  2. Add authentication using Spring Security with handlers for password and OAuth
  3. Add authorization based on roles and permissions defined in a database table
  4. Add ways to deploy a user interface that can be uploaded to the tomcat server

Bonus: Allow for uploaded and deploying modules that can add additional web services using Spring MVC or Servlets or another Java Web Services approach.

Mentors: @sunbiz and @namratanehete

The starter task would be to create a docker image that deploys HAPI JPA server on tomcat on MySQL database. Please post the link to your docker image/compose repository, so that it improves your GSoC application.

Pardon me if I am asking an unnecessary question. Is this project final? And is it a large or medium project?

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None of them are final.

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Hello, I am interested for the project development Can you please give a brief how can I start contribution. Thanks

Read the directions.

I have started working on the starter task and getting familiar with Spring. Can someone elaborate on point 4 of the deliverables- ‘Add ways to deploy a user interface that can be uploaded to the tomcat server’.

Be sure you’re doing this. Even though not listed here, it is listed prominently enough.

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