Google Summer of Code 2022 project idea brainstorming

Let’s start planning for GSoC 2022!

Project ideas will be project threads with the gsoc2022-project in #community:gsoc as we have done in prior years. All communication and questions should ideally happen on these threads. When selected, we will make another thread in the project category: #projects:lh-toolkit, #projects:lh-rad, #projects:mhbs with the same title and tag and the topic under #community:gsoc will be closed.

Also as in prior years, all communication MUST be public.

There were some changes this year that we need to adjust to:

  1. There are now ~175-hour projects and ~350-hour projects now. We should plan both and specify such – let’s use small-project tag for 175-hour projects and large-project tag for 350-hour projects. See the section from the mentors’ guide.

  2. This year, we are open to non-students and students alike. We should still evaluate projects based on the proposals. Not sure how this will play out with spam proposals.

  3. Students will be required to do a starter task. Please define these in your project ideas. They can be tangential to the project itself, but should not be the project. This task should be non-trivial as we need to evaluate the candidates’ technical skills.

  4. Be prepared and on-hand to respond to questions when the accepted organizations are announced and especially when the Contributor Application Period opens on 2022-04-04T18:00:00Z. Review the program timeline.

Students: Please do not make project post topics, only mentors should be doing this.


I created a couple to show how to do it uniformly:

We should make some large and small projects. We can’t change a large project to a small one if we lose a candidate, we need to try to accurately scope the projects.

Also added from holdovers from previous years:

Applicants: Do not ask questions on this thread, please. We will post more information when and if we are selected.