Project: Android application to show birth registration & newborn health data

This project aims to develop an Android application for mothers and guardians of newborn babies in Kenya to receive and display birth information and elements of essential newborn care, such as immunization records. The underlying technology is an open-source tool-kit based on self-sovereign identity (SSI) principles and provided through our participation in the Evernym Accelerator.

The mobile application to be designed and developed will act as a client-side application and will show birth details and health-related information for each child in an approachable, logical and user-friendly way. Once deployed as part of the NeoLinkID system, a verifiable credential will be issued to the mother or guardian creating, in SSI format, the first step in the real-world birth registration process and capturing certain elements of essential newborn care.

This application will provide the user interface through which mothers and guardians to display and manage the credentials they hold on behalf of their children.


Your application will include / describe:

  • User interface
  • Data display
  • Processing of data
  • List item
  • Secure transmission of data to and from web server and other mobile devices
  • Data storage and maintenance

Skills: Android application development, HTML5, CSS and Javascript experience.

Mentors : @shbucher @shbucher @Maria-Freytsis , @iainbarclay , @sradha , Ian Taylor , Jarek Nabrzysk, @gsiwo , @aczajka

Evaluation: At the end of the summer you will have a complete project application that can display birth registration and newborn health data in a format that can be easily used by mothers and guardians of newborn babies.


Can we choose any framework for the app or is there any recommended stack? Also, Is there any pre-requisite task or any similar app which we can look at?

Hii @shbucher I am interested in working for this project. Can you please guide what through this. Like is there any thing we need to create prior before sending the proposal for it or anything else ??

Hello @shbucher, I hope you are doing awesome. I want to start developing the proof of concept(POC) of this app to submit with the proposal. 1- I am wondering if you have any MockUp design or ideas available? 2- Any points I should keep in mind in terms of UX to better connect with the context and local community. 3- and last but not least could you please provide more information which tech stack would you prefer. So, I could design the system accordingly. Otherwise, If we have to choose our-self. I should be stat working on it. Thank you.

Hello @shbucher, My Name is Mohit shah and I am going to take part in GSoC this year. I would like to contribute for your organization. Could you please guide me for better understanding as @MrAsimZahid asked about the existing framework if you already have?

Hello Everyone My name is Faraz Sheikh , I am pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science stream in am in second year right now.For talking about my technical skills. I’m quite good in android development i make some respositories and one project which totally open source. I m very fast learner and If i will get opportunity to contribute in your project then i’ll give you my best .

Below Mentioned My Skills :slight_smile: Skills :- Java, HTML , CSS. Framework :- Android Studio, Wordpress. Repository Link :- Repository Link

@mentors @r0bby I want to propose two features in this project . 1- We could integrate a map that have pins/locations of immunization centers nearby which will help parents and guardians save time and effort. And ease them immunization process. 2- If immunization centers have a mobile unit. we could add feature a feature of at home immunization. Guardian or parent will have an option of “At Home Immunization” this will need location access of the user. The mobile team will go there and immunize the child. Please let me know what are your views on these features? So, I could incorporate them in the proposal. Thank you.

Interesting suggestions, thank you for the creative thinking. I’m not sure that this data will be available, but its definitely the type of information we could hope to include in future versions of this app as it goes forewards… so please feel free to include such ideas in the proposal if you decide to submit.

We would like you to propose your own UI design, please be mindful of factors such as the environment in which the app will be used, and the kinds of users. I would recommend maybe taking a look through the app stores for similar apps, and using these to give you some inspiration.

We are open regarding the tech stack, but I think its a good opportunity to learn something new, so don’t be restricted to what you know well already.

This is a great idea!

A note that DHIS2 Tracker already has a well-defined immunization module, developed in conjunction with WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, and other key partners.

Thus, because we eventually hope to link the birth registration application being designed in GSoC with our mobile Helping Babies Survive powered by DHIS2 suite of tools, it would be ideal, and in adherence with the Principles for Digital Development, to not design an entirely new type of immunization linkage, tracking, and mapping application, but rather, I would encourage mentees on this project to consider whether it might be useful to design and develop connections (or placeholders for connections) between the new GSoC birth registration application and existing mHBS/DHIS2 + DHIS2 immunization tracker and aggregate applications.


Dr. Sherri


Please do not tag @mentors that tags ALL Mentors – most of which aren’t mentors for this project.

In addition to this:

read Making a great GSOC proposal - Example for what we are looking for in your proposal.

Sure. Thank you for notifying.

@iainbarclay Sorry for the late reply I had an exam today I was preparing for that. Now I am fully available. I have researched some immunization apps on the play store as you advised. I am also considering their reviews on what features users want like data backup. I have done quick research on the points Dr. @shbucher mentioned. I have a few questions on which I will get back after some more detailed research on the Integration of mHBS/DHIS2 + DHIS2 immunization tracker and more. Thank you for clarifications. Really helps a lot.

Hello @shbucher . I have a query. In this android project. The app will be used to see the data about babies. But how the data will be added. I mean a platform like web/android also will be required to add/update the data by hospital staff.

@shbucher @iainbarclay . I have an idea, we can store the details of diseases, a new born is suffering from like physical disability, birth injury or malnutrition, etc. This data can be useful in the regular checkups of babies. Plus can help the government for the data analysis of diseases in new born babies.

Hello everyone, my name is Adit Kotwal and I’m a final year engineering student from Mumbai. I am keen on working on this project for GSOC 2020. I have a few mock-ups ready for this App and would love to discuss it with the mentors (@iainbarclay) for their feedback before I start writing a proposal. I also have in mind the technology stack that will be required for this application and would be open to suggestions if alternatives are to be used.

Hello, I can build this App for Android, IOS and web using React Native. I can provide user friendly UI with high level of security. From when we can get started? Thank you

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