Project: Android application to show birth registration & newborn health data

@shbucher @iainbarclay I have completed the basic app UI. It will be hopefully available for review by tomorrow.

I need some information & have a few questions.

I need the fields of the birth registration form like name, registration number, etc and immunization records(Vaccination names) that will be fetched from Evernym SDK.

I got to know the tool-kit of Evernym SDK is written in ReactNative. Is it correct? What is the tech stack of DHIS2 Tracker? Asking these as I have to integrate them with app.

Last but not the least, would the mother or guardian be able to edit/enter any record or the app is view only for them?

Thank you.

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Asim Zahid

Hi - welcome - we look forward to your proposal, in the meantime please let us know if you have any specific questions :slight_smile:

Hi - thanks for your efforts, but we won’t be able to review UI before the proposal period. Regarding the fields, its actually not 100% known right now exactly what they will be as we’re still working on other parts of the system, but you can imagine it will include things like the first name, family name, sex, birth date, etc. I think generally the mother wouldn’t be able to edit these, as they would be issued as a “signed credential” (like a certificate) from the Evernym system. But, maybe you might want to include some fields that the mother could edit, like notes or reminders? Just a personal thought, not a specification :slight_smile:

Yes, Evernym SDK is ReactNative - I don’t think we will expect you to actually do any integration with DHIS2, so don’t worry too much about that at this stage - you could imagine that any data sharing between the apps might be done by an API.

Take care, Iain

@iainbarclay Why is there a requirement for two Android Projects, 1) to show birth registration and 2) to capture birth registration. Can’t both of them be combined?

Thank you sir. So shall I share a dummy proposal on this thread which include a few mock ups for the app ?

Good question @prajwal27 - although the two apps seem similar, they will be used by different user groups for different purposes, so we wanted to make that quite clear by having them as two different apps - I think this will allow us to develop quite different UIs for each that is well suited to the users that will be using each app, rather than having to make a compromise or introduce confusion by having unused features…

To be honest, I think it would be better to save your ideas for your proposal - then the review team will be able to consider everyones proposal equally and fairly :+1:

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We can have a Role Based Authentication (RBAC) system to differentiate the user groups and also to have different UI’s. So, based on the Role, the user will be directed to the particular screen. This enables a single codebase for both projects , but brings more complexity which can resolved by structuring the code. The main purpose is to have a single app rather than two.

@iainbarclay Thank you for the clarification and notes. I add the data as the form shared in the other post. and send the proposal for review on 16th March.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Asim Zahid

Hey mahavir here I am from india I love this project idea and I would like to work on this project @shbucher do we have to create application for android as well as IOS ?

@iainbarclay hey I am mahavir currently pursuing B.Tech . I have developed many android apps. I can work with flutter as well i love this project idea Let me ask few questions 1-since this project show only new born babies record so how and who can register babies ? 2-what data should be display to guardian about baby ?

@bishtmanish739 1- Data will be registered by the hospital staff or the relevant authorities. We just need to fetch and display the data using Evernym SDK. 2- Mentors are still working on what type of data would be available to us and what we should be displayed to guardians.

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Hello @shbucher, I’m Nsom currently from the University of Buea. This is a great project Idea and I’m interested in it. I have read through and I have an idea and some questions as well.

Idea: since the immunization of newborns has already been programed for the first 9 months of the newborn as per the KEPI ( program of the said country, notification features could be added to notify the parent on the next phase and also keep track of previews successful phases. This notifications will keep reminding the parent till each respective phase is fulfilled. Also each notification could start its count down with reference to the date of birth and end at the time for its phase with a massage signal either to the app (online) to as an SMS (offline).


Great work @MrAsimZahid

@N-Alli FIle is not opening in the link (

Ok @MrAsimZahid here is another alternative link


@shbucher I am Hem Bhagat. I am currently doing my bachelors in Computer Engineering. I am in 3rd year. I really love the idea of developing an app that help guardians check their newborn’s birth registration details and immunization details. I would love to contribute to this project. I would like to ask you some questions as I want to start planning the development of this app. The questions are,

1)Does the application need to provide interface for doctors/clinics to add the immunization data?

2)Does application need to provide interface for new birth registration?

3)Application need to be in which language?

4)Is there any existing database where the data is being stored or the database is to designed?

5)Are there any other specific requirements of the application?

@hembhagat this project will show data about newborn baby and their immunization details. There is a separate project for birth registration where hospital department can register newborn baby.t This is clients side Android application.

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Thank you @bishtmanish739 for you guidance. This was my exact query.

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@iainbarclay @r0bby Hello I am Akshobhya Pal an undergraduate form India. I read about this project and am really interested in this. I have developed a POC and just had some additional ideas which i would like to share. So should i just discuss them in my draft proposal and implement them in my POC or discuss beforehand here. Thank You.