SDK configuration when building lh-toolkit in IntelliJ IDEA

Hello everyone, while I was trying to build the lh-toolkit after downloading it as .zip, my ide shows an error that the SDK weren’t porperly defined. I did download MariaDB and also JDK8 but still, I am not abe to understand what to insert in the project structure module SDK. Please help

If you define an SDK at the IDE (global) level that should work. Instructions for that can be found here - If you still have issues, you may want to add your JDK to the project level. You may not need to add JDK to the module level, since the top level project lh-toolkit is inherited by the child maven projects.


I did try the method you have suggested and after many manipulations in the modules, I am getting an error in the version of Java. Please check the screenshot.

Seems like you’ve changed something in the source release version. This should be set at 1.8 for the master branch. Please revert to the original code in pom.xml. Also, instead of downloading the zip of the source code, try to clone it using git directly.

I did download again and using git and I observed that there was a problem with the project bytecode version previously. It does match now and now after building, these errors appear. Some of the other errors which appear are posted in the screenshots

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Are you opening this as a maven project? From the names for the modules that are showing in the images, it seems that the project model isn’t getting opened correctly.

No, I am not opening it as a maven project and I did try to open it in different ways by building a correct structure like reinstalling java etc. I did open it again as a maven project too, because of the pom file, and it gave the same errors

I found a way to build and deploy it. It works now. Thank you

Hello, I am trying to deploy the project into the master to understand the process and use it for documentation and the project has been built,tested etc but it is not passing the deploy test. It gives an error saying

ERROR: Build failed: exit code 1

Is there a way I can debug this?

Can you please write here how you resolved the problem, so that someone else coming here knows what resolved the problem?

In the IntelliJ IDEA, from the bottom left corner we can open the Maven Projects built version and the projects appear toward the right side of screen. We can skip the tests by selecting the ‘Toggle Skip Tests Mode’ and then select install under the Lirehealth-toolkit -> Lifecycle. After this click install in openmrs-api -> Lifecycle ->install. To deploy this onto the local system select openmrs-webapp -> Plugins -> jetty -> jetty:run where jetty runs a local server. In the web browser, localhost:8080/openmrs will open the installation page.


Can you please post the link here to the documentation that you created for new developers? It would also be nice to link it to the lh-toolkit website, by sending a merge request here -

Hello Everyone, I am posting a link below for the documentation of Librehealth toolkit installation usind IntelliJ IDEA. This contains the installation steps for both Simple and advanced versions.

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Hi, I downloaded toolkit from Github and and was able to run it together with 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT Legacy UI Module (authored by Tharunya) by following the instructions in which was lead from

But it only appears in localhost:8080/openmrs (not in localhost:8080/lh-toolkit). Can someone help me figure out what has gone wrong?

It got resolved with this. Thanks.