Relationship between OpenEMR & LibreHealth

Hi Ana Marie,

I wanted to take a moment to clear up some misinformation. OpenEMR is not joining with the OpenMRS community nor is LibreHealth in any way endorsed by the OpenEMR community. LibreHealth was forked from the OpenEMR codebase and is a separate project.

I’m so glad to hear that OpenEMR has helped you and various organizations improve quality of care! That’s always the goal.

I just wanted to clear up that issue. We at OpenEMR have not merged with any other software, nor do we endorse LibreHealth.

I am pretty sure that she realizes that. Look up. You will see the LIBREHEALTH logo. She is on a LIBREHEALTH forum. I just bet she is fully cognizant of that fact. This thread is a discussion of design and construction with people working to help people. Some of us have given a decade to building and promoting the pile of PHP scripts and hashed together borrowed code that makes up the configurable website loosely referred to as OpenEMR. Some of us more than ten years. Within the last month, my code has been included in the GitHub code repository called “openemr”. Mind you, its origin was stripped, but there it is. When was your last commit? OpenEMR is a description of a bunch of source code that no-one…no organization owns, has claim to etc… OpenEMR is not, nor has ever been an entity that owns, has claim on, anything. OpenEMR is not an entity at all. 501c3, the organization I helped found is what you must be speaking of. I AM a member of the “OpenEMR community”. I have been for ten years, and always will be, no matter what any poser may say. There is no-one that can say absolutely anything differently whatsoever. Period. You have no right whatsoever to say anything about that. I encourage you to leave off poaching and thread hijacking. It is unmanly. The wordmark OPENEMR (all caps) used in conjunction with the original logo designed by current contributors to the LibreHealthEHR project to is about all that exists there.
The OpenEMR community is everywhere, in different languages, in different companies, under different brands, and even hidden in products all over the market. If you do not like seeing someone else write the letters OpenEMR on their own forum, then by all means, go check out BlueEHR, Phyaura, CapMinds and the (several hundred) other derivatives of this phenomenon all over the internet.

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Dear Art and LibreHealth,

We are guests in your house and will follow your code of conduct and maintain respect and I assume the hosts will do the same. Since this is your forum, you obviously have every right to remove or reorganize the posts.

Note Robert is simply a genuine and passionate health care worker whom has made many positive contributions to the project. And I am Brady Miller whom also am a passionate health care worker, and am the co-administrator of the OpenEMR project and the Executive Director of the OEMR non-profit organization. And I also realize Art is also very passionate and also works in the medical field making a positive impact on many peoples lives.

My above roles are why I delivered the letter to your community in as open a way as possible.(note I tried to send Michael a message yesterday with my intentions to post the letter, however, being a newbie on this forum platform, I think I may of mistakenly sent the message to myself and am sorry for that)

This is not about an unwillingness to collaborate with you or others in the health IT space in the spirit of innovation and open source; the OpenEMR community has been doing this for years and, notably, some code has been shared across OpenEMR and your product in both directions. And we will continue to do this.

This is also not a legal discussion, but rather an ethical discussion.

Librehealth’s marketing material and press release will lead reasonable people to falsely believe that the OpenEMR community supports your product and is joining your product. Your product is based off an outdated fork of OpenEMR and because of the community’s commitment to excellence in our product, we do not support your fork or your marketing. And we think it is unfair, ingenuine, and dishonest to make it appear otherwise.

We are not asking you to stop developing your product. The OpenEMR community is simply requesting that you stop misleading the public with your marketing.

Sincerely, Brady Miller

@bradymiller thanks for your opinion

And I’m the true spirit of open source you have a voice and note in the open (Even in the wrong class of post)

As for your comments that you do not support LibreHealth , thats something you are entitled too … Like many other people in the world. Let me make something very clear to you – we do not exist to play games or argue with organizations like OpenEmr , in fact we welcome their collaboration but our biggest interest is being a patient advocate … and we are joining together as a group of people that have worked across two communities and taking the space to build an organization that does that work. Not to make a donor happy or any other person … just patients!

I welcome you to join our community with more constructive feedback , I am sure there are things like the excellent topic by Ana that you can learn from … We would like to also learn from you once you have given us enough time to consider whether we continue to be in genuine , unfair and dishonest (new vocabulary to me to someone who has not bothered to speak to any other person of the team)

Oh and we love that you are continuing to merge some of the code written under LibreHealth ::✓&q=is%3Apr%20LibreHealth%20


Mr. Miller, You are hijacking a meet and greet thread. You are not here to contribute. I also ask that you do not ever speak to me of ethics ever again. I have a fairly high stack of medals that all read “For Fidelity, Zeal, and Obedience”. Plenty more that say “Honor, Commitment and Courage”. Moreover, anything I have part in that is “Marketing” is exclusively related to an humble role philanthropy supporting severely disadvantaged children. You are wasting my energy now, stealing from those efforts, and you have actively destroyed every effort in this, the Open Source medical software movement that in any way looked to endanger your egotistical role as the head of the same. You fought to destroy When it looked like it was finally getting from under your thumb, you put all of your considerable energy into taking it over via social machinations. No-one can match your obsessive and imaginative efforts in this area. Everyone else is too involved employing their imagination and effort into actually innovating and creating the real work. We want to be left alone to do that work. You want some sort of turf war.
You have received notice from our representation in an official capacity. I recommend that you either stop pretending to represent the non-existent entity called “OpenEMR” and refer to it as Inc. (NOT a 501c3), and as another legal entity talking to this one, use the established communication protocol within those bounds.

This forum exists to advance the goals and work of the LibreHealth community. Please ensure that further discussion sticks to that constructive purpose, or we may close topics, remove posts, or exclude individuals if necessary.

I encourage everyone to re-read and review our Code of Conduct and our Forum Guidelines at:

Ad hominem attacks toward individuals or organizations are not productive and will not be tolerated. Nor will repeated complaints about our previous factual public announcement, which we have already revised & clarified per your request.

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Hi Art,

I would kindly ask that you adhere to your own community guidelines, the goal of Mr. Miller and I are not to start a turf war, flame war, or to invade your development but your comments are fostering hatred and I don’t believe such harsh language is needed in a group of people who at the end of the day want the same thing: improved patient outcomes.

I am unsure of what you meant by accusing Brady of trying to destroy OEMR, As the current executive director and board member, Brady has worked with the community to continue to improve the OpenEMR product as a whole.

When we refer to “OpenEMR” we refer to the community as a whole, we are not attempting to mislead who we are (which can not be said of LibreHealth’s recent press release which has lead to confusion as to the role LibreHealth plays in OpenEMR).

All of this being said, this will likely be my last post regarding this particular issue as it seems we have reached the point where civil dialog can no longer be accomplished; I wish this was not the case, but it is clear you are not interested in working to improve confusion, only unprofessionally rage against another member of the open source community.

As I step away I leave this for Art, the LibreHealth community, and any observers:

The OpenEMR community is in no way involved with nor has joined forces to create LibreHealth. OpenEMR has a thriving community of developers and continues to produce high-quality, open source electronic medical record software. OpenEMR believes the current press release from LibreHealth “muddies the water” in attempting to associate OpenEMR with LibreHealth. This can be seen in the title of the press release LibreHealth Announced by Key Community Members of Leading Health IT Projects. The leaders of LibreHealth are not key members of the OpenEMR community nor have they submitted any significant contributions to the project in some time.

Thank you to the moderators of the forum for allowing us to have this conversation, we were concerned when you first refused to post our letter. We appreciate your commitment to transparency.

Thank you for expressing your opinions. We disagree that the current announcement is likely to cause confusion, and up until now have had no one come to us with any confusion that we are not a new organization. (Indeed, the word “new” appears 8 times in our announcement.) We will neither attempt to revise the past history & contributions of our current contributors, who represent a long pedigree of contributions to OpenEMR and other related projects.

In fact, as @judywawira pointed out above, the 4 most current (as of this writing) pull requests for OpenEMR in the past week, as documented at✓&q=is%3Apr%20, are contributions authored by LibreHealth contributors. Additional contributions from our folks have happened in the OpenEMR forums.

Personally, I am pleased that OpenEMR appears to be continuing to accept LibreHealth contributors’ contributions & look forward to additional ways in which we may contribute and work together in the future.

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