GSoC 2019 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet


(Deepika Sai Kasturi) #87


My name is Deepika Sai Kasturi and I am a graduate student pursuing Health Informatics at the School of Informatics and Computing (SoIC) at Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis. My bachelor’s degree was in the field of Dentistry and I decided to pursue Health Informatics for my Master’s in order to learn how to deliver better health care by means of technology with the help of my clinical experience. When I heard about GSoC I was intrigued and wanted to be a part of it. I have knowledge of programming languages such as R, Python, and C. I previously completed a project where I used various regression models to predict prices of housing using Python. I am currently working on a project that involves JavaScript.

Thanks and Regards.

(Ayissi Nke Joel Narcisse) #88

Hello, My name is Ayissi Nke joel Narcisse, am a computer engineering student at the University of Buea, Cameroon. I have heard so much about Librehealth … I really like coding stuff ,I am also passionate about Medecine.I am looking for an opportunity to showcase and improve my skills in java, and am also looking forward to exciting challenges that would build me up to become a good developer.

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(Robby O'Connor) #89

Going to do a catch-all reply:

Read the previous messages – my replies will be the same.

(Thivagar Mahendran) #90

Hello everyone, I am Thivagar Mahendran from Srilanka. I am also an undergraduate student at Informatics Institute of Technology, currently at my third year. I have experience in JavaScript, Angular framework, Java and PHP. I am really excited to contribute to the projects here and eagerly waiting to start on a project which suits my skill set. Thank You.

(Pratiksha Gadkari) #91

Hello sir! My name is Pratiksha Gadkari and I am 3rd year student in the field of Information Technology. I would like to contribute for google summer of code 2019 . Can you please guide me ? How do i contribute to the code?

(Robby O'Connor) #92

Welcome @Pgadkari98,

Please do not use sir/madam.

Our projects are largely Java and PHP.

LibreHealth Toolkit and LibreHealth Radiology are in Java.

LibreHealth EHR is in PHP. Currently using PHP 7.1+.

You’d have to start by learning one of those languages and making non-trivial contributions – we cannot accept you without a non-trivial contribution.

Questions can be answered on our chat.

(Manar Sherif) #93

Hi I am Manar Sherif a masters student at Ain Shams University Cairo Egypt and a Software Development engineer at Mentor Graphics Egypt. I am mostly C++, Java developper and I am applying for GSoC 19 . What should I do next?

(Manthan Admane) #94

Hello : ) My name is Manthan Admane (userId: MisterAwesome) and I’d like to contribute primarily to lh-toolkit and lh-radiology because of my competency in Java. I am also a web enthusiast and on my way to grasp PHP from base allowing me to browse more projects and to work and contribute to a project which really drives me. Looking forward to LibreHealthGSoC19. Thank you : )

(Robby O'Connor) #95

Did you see the announcement post I made? It has next steps :slight_smile:

(Pratiksha Gadkari) #96

hi i am pratiksha gadkari a 3rd year student. I am looking for a project to contribute to and how do i contribute to it. please can someone guide me?

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(Robby O'Connor) #97

Hi @Pgadkari98 – what skills do you have?

(Pra Jha) #98

Hi , I am prabhakar jha currently pursuing my btech degree in computer science and engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad(IIT Dharwad). I want to be an integral member of LibreHealth community. I will be applying for gsoc 2019 so I want to know about how to start contributing to libra health. My skill set include - Programming Languages: C,Fluent in C++, Python,Java,VHDL, Libraries: Numpy, Matplotlib,Panda Software Skills: Git, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Scilab,Django Web Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL,Postgresql Other Skills: Bash script, Sed, Awk, Wireshark, Latex

So please guide me in my way.

(Robby O'Connor) #99

Hey @PraJha,

Made some edits, our name is LibreHealth, not “libra health”. Have you looked at our ideas list? Please have a peek at other messages in this topic, I feel it’s getting repetitive with my canned replies. The projects this summer will be for the LibreHealth Toolkit and LibreHealth Radiology project primarily. Which means you need to know Java.

Did you see the announcement post I made? It has next steps :slight_smile:

(Hv7214) #100

Hello everyone, I am Harshit Verma 1st year Computer Science undergraduate studying in IIT Roorkee. I am skilled in js(node.js) & php, and i am beginner in python. Can anyone tell project ideas proposed by Libre Health for GSOC’ 19.

(Harsha) #101

Hello everyone ! My name is Harsha from K L University, I am a final year computer science student and enthusiastic about Open Source Contribuations. I had keen interst in the health based tools . I have worked on Bahmni an health management tool .I had worked on Implementation as well as development in Bahmni . I am familiar with python , Java and Sql . I want to apply for GSOC19 . Please guide me how to start

Looking forward to contribute to LibreHealth

(Robby O'Connor) #103

Have a peek at the project ideas and my tips in our announcement post:

(Janvi04) #104

Hi! I am Janvi , a second year undergraduate majoring in computer science in India. I am proficient with java and android and I am willing to participate in Gsoc 2019 and contributing to the organization.

(pasan) #105

Hi, I am Pasan Thirunda from Sri Lanka. I am a student from Sri Lanka Institute of Information System studying Software Engineering and I am in 3rd year. I have experience in javascript, java, nodejs, react js, html, database and bootstrap. I like to contribute for your organization and be a part of large community.

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(Robby O'Connor) #106

Welcome @janvi04 and @pasan04!

Have a peek at the project ideas and my tips in our announcement post:

(Carl Collins Wayig) #107

Hello , I’m Chwabo Carl Collins, a student of the ICT University in Yaounde Cameroon. I would love to contribute to librehealth during gsoc 2019. I would love to work on the Librehealth toolkit. Please Can someone from the community orientate me on next steps I should Take? Thanks