GSoC 2019 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet

Let’s use this thread for general information for students who are interested in Google Summer of Code 2019. We have not yet applied, nobody has…but intend to.

We are still formulating our project ideas, but have taken the projects we did not complete from last year and migrated them to this year. You can view our current project ideas here. There will be more added in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

You should review the following post if you wish to be a successful student:


Hello everyone !

I am Atharva Sharma, a second year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate at Madhav Institute of Technology and Science Gwalior.

I am mostly a front end web developer but I also possess knowledge of Firebase, C++, C and I am learning Python too !

I’ll be applying for GSoC '19. Please guide me how to begin.

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Our projects are largely Java and PHP.

LibreHealth Toolkit and LibreHealth Radiology are in Java.

LibreHealth EHR is in PHP. Currently using PHP 7.1+.

You’d have to start by learning one of those languages and making non-trivial contributions – we cannot accept you without a non-trivial contribution.

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Okay !

I’ll start of by learning Java once my exams get over, I’ll start making contributions from December, will that work ?

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Just has to be done prior to the close of the application period.

Okay thanks for the help !

One more question, what exactly does a non trivial contribution mean ?

And the application period starts January 10, right ?

It means that it has to be significant. A one or two line contribution isn’t going to cut it. The idea is to get a feel of what your skill level is at.

No. That’s for organizations (us) to apply to Google to be part of the program. Currently there are zero organizations, nobody has been accepted.

Okay. Thank you for the information.

No problem, right now we’re at the tail-end of Google Code-in.

Okay ! I wish I was introduced to open source at such an early age

Not too late - Open Source is awesome. I love helping to run this community and watching the awesome work being done.

I can figure that out by your quick responses and enthusiasm.

A welcoming and understanding community is the heart and soul of open source I guess ?

Last year I tried open source in other organizations but the community members never replied to my messages on IRC, they sort of kept talking among themselves, I sort of felt out of place and gave up the thought of contributing altogether.

But this time, LibreHealth has changed my perspective.

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Here’s the thing to understand about IRC – people might appear to be online, but they might not be active, or their attention might be elsewhere. I’m always on IRC, but I don’t look very often.

Okay. That explains.

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Hello I am Aaditya.I am currently doing B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur in Biotechnology. I have huge interest in Health Care Sector and want to contribute to it as much as I can.I want to participate in GSoC 2019. I have knowledge of java and python and I and currently studying Machine Learning. I want to apply for GSoC '19. Please guide me how to start my journey.

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Project leads are @sunbiz and @judywawira respectively – I ask that you not directly private message them.

You an also join our chat, again no private messages with mentors!


I am Sai Bhaskar, a senior undergraduate from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. I previously contributed to a open source Health Care device which predicts diabetic retinopathy in eyes. Apart from that, I never really contributed to open source but I am looking forward to it. I have experience with Java(Spring Boot and Unit Testing) as well as Python(Flask and Web Scraping). As part of my curriculum, I learned Deep Learning and interested in applying those concepts in Health care technology. I aspire to be a GSoc’19 Student and contribute as much as I can.


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Based on your skillset I think you’re suited for the following projects:


We require all prospective students to make a non-trivial contribution in order to be accepted.

Project leads are @sunbiz and @judywawira respectively – I ask that you not directly private message them.

You an also join our chat, again no private messages with mentors!

Hi Robby,

My name is Edson Mendieta and I’m currently a second year student studying computer science.

I found LibreHealth while browsing the list of gsoc 2018 organizations and was drawn to it since I’m interested in open source healthcare technology, web technologies and Java programming.

I’ve built some small web apps but am looking to begin contributing to large open source projects like LibreHealth.

Currently I’m working on my Java skills and will be looking for ways to contribute to the project. If you know of any good starting points I’d be more than glad to hear them, thanks!