GSoC 2018 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet


(Nabeel Qaiser) #86


I’m a BTech junior year CSE student at IIT Patna, India. I have worked on a college project on the web development (both front-end and backend along with designing the architecture of that web app), hence I can claim that I have a fair bit of exposure (to various tools/approaches used in LibreHealth EHR [such as SQL, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, etc]) in this field.The link of that project is :

Also I have taken a course on Database Management System in my previous semester.


I am looking forward to contribute to LibreHealth EHR this summer :slight_smile:

(Nabeel Qaiser) #87

well, I have started sharing my ideas in the rocket chat forum

(Ali Hassaan Mughal) #88

Hi Everyone, I am a student of Computer Science Currently in my 4th Semester at National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan. I enjoy coding and have coding experience in firms as well. I have been a part of one big project which was similar but was a School Management System which was coded in PHP, (Laravel), Javascript, HTML and CSS. I have also coded in Java,C,C++ and Python for my projects. Which can be found on my Github I have worked on MySql for my projects using Laravel/PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS with Mysql. I am eager to work on this project and I am sure I can perform the task assigned to me in Efficiently in Time.

(Terry Hill) #89

Welcome. You will need to download the code and install it locally. Look over the issues and the projects. You will need to submit a fix to an issue. Join the chat at

(Terry Hill) #90

Join the chat at . Download and install the code . Look over the issues on github and the projects on the forum. Submit a fix to an issue. Welcome and have fun.

(Adarsh Pai) #91

Hello Everyone!

I’m Adarsh Pai and I’m a Computer Science Major and a freshman at the University of Texas at Arlington. I’m a proficient Full Stack Developer and code using NodeJs and PHP primarily on the backend. I’ve been trying to get into Open Source Development for a while and have been following LibreHealth and finally decided to try and contact the organization. Although I did come to know about looking at the GSoC organizations last year, I’m quite not sure if GSoC is the right step for me but I do know I want to start contributing to open source as soon as possible. I’ve been looking into ways to do that.

Thank You!

(Adarsh Pai) #92

To learn more about me or to contact me, visit my webpage:

(Terry Hill) #93

Join the GSoC Chat, If you haven’t already. Down load the LibreHealth EHR code and install it locally. Look at the current issues on github and have fun.

(Slava Suprun) #94

Hi! My name is Slava Suprun . I’m PhD student from Ukraine, Chernihiv, CNUT. I took part in system development of electronic health record in my city. I have experience developing in SQL, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Java, C++. I’m interested in your project. I want to take part in more global development (such as your system LibreHealth EHR).

(Judy Gichoya) #95

@slavap what’s your PhD…look at radiology and toolkit project

(Terry Hill) #96

LibreHealth EHR will also fit your skill set.

(Akuphe) #97

greetings sir . the Gsoc application for librehealth has started please can you help direct me on how to apply? thanks and stay bless

(mua laurent) #98

Oh really that woulsd be awesome

(Art Eaton) #99

He does Java too…so crossover components might be his wicket.

(Kolya Lazarenko) #100

Hi! My name is Kolya Lazarenko . I’m student from Ukraine, Chernihiv National University of Technology.My speciality is Computer Engineering. I have experience developing in Java, C++. I haven’t had experience in some real projects yet, but I want to start from something and to take part in your project. I’m ready to learn hard and do all my best to give a good contribution.

(Mayank Yadav) #101

Hello, I am Mayank from India. Since long, I am interested in contributing to health care with the advancement of machine learning in the field. I believe it has potential to bring changes which can show overall improvement in health. I am a final year undergrad student who is keenly interested to work for Librehealth. I have been working in a non profit called Data for Democracy and I think it is time for me to contribute more. I am looking to go for a masters in the field of machine learning this year and I have already decided to choose Health Care as one of the theme for my Research Proposal. LibreHealth will give me an opportunity and platform to learn from the mentors and help me shape up my ideas. Mentors, please help me with the proposal. Thankyou.

(Tigpezeghe Rodrige Kwenchu) #102

Welcome, check out Radiology project. You’ll have fun contributing there.

(Tigpezeghe Rodrige Kwenchu) #103

“Bienvenue” Mayank, this is a good community for you. We’d love having you around. Look at our different projects, and see where you can contribute.

(Rakshit Gupta) #104

Hello! My name is Rakshit Gupta. I am a undergraduate student from India. I wanted to know the links to the project ideas page as the previous link is expired. Thank you!

(Judy Gichoya) #105

@kolazar please do the mandatory tasks and start working on your proposal