GSoC 2018 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet


(Judy Gichoya) #66

@yashdsaraf see this … you are a good fit for Radiology

(D3rvun1x) #67

Hi,my name is Batey Martin computer engineering student at universite de golfe de guinea Cameroon. I am glad to make recontre of this community . I code in c# , html5, JavaScript, css3 , php and sql.I am also interested in participating in GSOC this year with librehealth .This will enable and help me boost my field work.I am comfortable in thinking and what i do Thanks librehealth.

(D3rvun1x) #68

ok @teryhill got it thanks

(D3rvun1x) #69

Good inititiative i think so

(Tejas) #70

Hello , I am Tejas , 3 year computer science and engineering undergraduate from SRM Institute of Science And Technology , India. Java is my first language and have a keen interest in web development . I had my experience with java implementation and functionalities during paper preparation with AJCST and during my internship on J2EE web development . I am interested in contributing to LibreHealth EHR .

Thank you Tejas

(Art Eaton) #71

Tejas (wonderful name, Tejas ), if you want to contribute to the EHR, but you are a Java dev, then you should look into the Radiology module project for integration into the EHR. @judywawira Judy Wawira is the lead on that. This would make the best use of your skills.

Of course, all Java devs are encouraged to look at the base Radiology module or any of the rest of the Java based LibreHeath Toolkit projects.

(Tejas) #72

Thank you sir for your guidance , and compliment . I will get involved with radiology project module and deliver the best of my skills and knowledge .

(Akuphe) #73

Greetings i’m a computer science student of university of Buea cameroon. i’m a web developer and have skills in html, css, javascript and php

(Akuphe) #74

yea i’m Akuphe Dieudonne from university of Buea

(Priyanshu Sinha) #75

@AKUPHE, welocome. :slight_smile: I think you are good fit for EHR project. Clone it on your local machine and start development. :slight_smile:

(Riya Bhatia) #76

Hello Sir!

This side Riya Bhatia. I am currently doing B.Tech in IT and I’m in 3rd year of my studies. I am enthusiastic about your project and curious as to how I can contribute to your project. I have experience in web development as well as data analytics using Python. Also, I am willing to learn any skills/ frameworks required for this project. Please have a look at my profile and let me know more about your project and features that I can work on.

(Priyanshu Sinha) #77

Hi @riyabhatia26 welcome to the community. :slight_smile: Look at our projects (EHR, Radiology and Toolkit) and choose the one which interests you. Set it up on your local machine and begin the development. Happy coding. :slight_smile:

(Pranjal Jain) #78

Hi, I am Pranjal Jain, pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science with specialization in Cloud Computing And Virtualization Technology from the University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies Dehradun, India. I have experience in Web Development in LAMP, MEAN stack as well as several PHP, python frameworks. I already forked the EHR repository and settedup the Development Env in my local system Please guide me how to get acquainted EHR Codebase fastly. So that I can start working on bugs ASAP.

Looking forward to contribute and learn from this project. :slight_smile:

(Abhinav Singh) #79

Can someone please tell me on how my proposal for gsoc can be reviewed?

(mohd shoaib abbas) #80

Hello everyone , my name is Shoaib Abbas. I am a Computer Science student from AMU (INDIA). I am a well versed coder in Java, and I have good command on PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and HTML. I am looking to contribute for the Java section of this organisation. Anyone please provide me assistance.

(Kit Li) #81

Greetings everyone! :slight_smile: I am a medical student with computer engineering background, and I hope I can help in some ways! I wish to mainly improve the user interface to make it work better for clinicians.

Have a nice day~

(Priyanshu Sinha) #82

Hi @shoaib you can opt for radiology/toolkit project. You can begin from this : REST JSON to FHIR JSON Mapping Implementation

Join our chat : and ask your queries there. :slight_smile:

(Judy Gichoya) #83

@shoaib we are making some simpler tasks in place of the one posted by @pri2si17 [quote=“judywawira, post:66, topic:1794”] For those who plan to submit a proposal for the Toolkit/Radiology project – As part of your proposal you will need to submit code repos to these two tasks


(Nabeel Qaiser) #84


I’m a BTech junior year CSE student at IIT Patna, India. I have worked on a college project on the web development (both front-end and backend along with designing the architecture of that web app), hence I can claim that I have a fair bit of exposure (to various tools/approaches used in LibreHealth EHR [such as SQL, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, etc]) in this field.The link of that project is :

Also I have taken a course on Database Management System in my previous semester.


I am looking forward to contribute to LibreHealth EHR this summer :slight_smile:

(Kiran Saha) #85

Hi, I am Kiran Saha 3rd year computer science student. I am looking forward to contribute and take part in GSoC. I have skills in web development, python and i am excited to apply those and contribute to LibreHealth organisation.