GSoC 2018 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet


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Bienvenue @rakshitcgupta . This is a good place to start:

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Hi, My name is Sezer from Turkey. , I am applying to participate in Create Web Components for FHIR Resources project in the LibreHealth organization. I study in Computer Engineering. This is my third year. I love designing projects that can be useful to people and creative thinking about important topics. I can easily identify the high responsibility, perseverance, high communication skills and teamwork-compatible features. I believe that as a student who is working in the field of innovative and beneficial projects in the light of my experience and characteristics and who is open to constantly developing and acquiring new information. With the hope of working with your team.

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Hello! I am Chuhaashanan, Compuer Science and Engineering undergraduate student. I have skills in PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, etc. I am looking forward to contribute for LibreHealth this GSoC.

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welcome @Chuhaa your skills are great.You could get started with LibreHealth EHR. We are at the tail end of submiting our proposals for GSOC 2018.Nevetherless you could submit your propsal (make sure to do so on time).Thats left for the mentors to review and good luck with that. Also you could equally participate as an outreachy which we will gladly appreciate. You can join our chat here for live feedback and access to a larger team of mentors

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Hello Everyone, My name is Parvati. I have completed my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from India, currently in my 4th semester of Masters in Health informatics Program. I am interested in contributing to LibreHealth Community which is a platform that could help globally to provide better health to people.My current work experience with using polymer for student team learning model and applying it to OpenMRS increased my interest towards contributing to such new projects. My other skills include R programming, python, SQL.My knowledge as a clinical pharmacist combined with knowledge of informatics could help contribute many innovative ideas to this field.

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My name is Jitendra Singh, Currently I Senior year Computer Science Student IIIT Vadodara, India.
Profile links:
GitHub & Stackoverflow

Looking forward to the part of Librehealth community :sunny:

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Hello! Welcome @jsroyal we are most pleased you chosed LibreHealth. We have 03 projects we currently work on which are LibreHealth toolkit , radiology , and EHR. Depending on your skill sets you would find which one is most convinient for you. Let me walk you through a little if your skill sets are around Java then check out the radiology and toolkit project. If you are around PHP, then would recommend you the EHR project.Nevertheless its up for for to chose.

You can join our chat here for live feedback and have access to other team members. Have fun and we hope to see you around often :grinning:

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Thank you @mua_rachmann. Yeah! Sure!! Currently I am exploring toolkit.

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