GSoC 2018 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet


(Priyanshu Sinha) #46

Hi @RAJAGOPALAN-GANGADHA, welcome to the community :slight_smile: . Clone LibreHealth EHR and start working on issues listed on issue tracker.

(Joshua De Guzman) #47

Hi, I’m Joshua de Guzman from the Philippines. I am a software engineering undergrad, more about me on! So excited to work for LibreHealth, it will be my first GSoC just in case my proposal was accepted, can’t wait to work with you guys!

(Naveen) #48

Hi, my name is naveen, i am from india.I am currently pursuing my mechanical engineering at adhiyamaan college. i have awaited for this opportunity to be part of something great. I have coded in php for about 1 year and i feel that contribution towards open source is interesting.i will do my best in the upcoming days and looking forward to be part of this community. Here is my github profile

(Shirsh Zibbu) #49

Hi all. I am Shirsh Zibbu. I have worked extensively on client-side JS and have been working on React+Redux for the past couple of years.

I am here for GSOC 2018, but can’t decide which project to stick with. Some pointers getting started?

(Terry Hill) #50

Welcome @zhirzh . There are many projects for the EHR and toolkit software. Look them over and be sure to join the chat at

(Anmol Middha) #51

Hi, i am Anmol Middha from India. I am Computer Science undergraduate student at VIT University, Chennai. I would love to participate in GSoC 2018 under librehealth. I am good in web development (html/css, php, MySql, AJAX, javascript).

Glad to be part of this community.

Github link

LinkedIn Profile

(Terry Hill) #52

Welcome to the community. Make sure to join the chat here

(Asha Surapaneni) #53

Hi, this is Asha Surapaneni, I am a graduate student in Health Informatics program at IUPUI. I enjoy the hands-on experience. I have been working with Librehealth since October 2017. I was a GCI 2017 mentor and worked on LibreHealth radiology EIIS release and few issues in Librehealth toolkit. While working on these tasks, I have learned spring and hibernate frameworks and I am familiar with MySQL, HTML, and Java. Librehealth community members are welcoming and I enjoy working on the tasks. I am interested in Gsoc and looking forward to working with other developers. is my gitlab profile detailing the tasks I have worked on.

(Apoorv Choubey) #54

Hello everyone! I’m Apoorv Choubey, an engineering undergraduate from India. I like doing Web & Python development. Have played with JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and would like to improve my skills and contribute through working with this community. You may checkout my work here

(Sarthak Sehgal) #55

Hello everyone, I’m Sarthak Sehgal. I’m currently pursuing engineering from BITS Pilani, India. I have past experience in web development and would love to work on a project based on Javascript frameworks (Angular, Vue, etc.) as a part of GSoC 2018. Glad to be a part of this community! :smiley:

Github profile

(Murshid Hassen) #56

Hi Librehealth, Murshid Hassen from IIT SriLanka. I am currently a software engineering undergraduate. Would Love UIUX contribution. Last year with Librehealth’s support I got an experience in cornerstone js library. Hoping for a great front-end project. Please find my self-projects on Github Thanks a lot

(Judy Gichoya) #57

For those who plan to submit a proposal for the Toolkit/Radiology project – As part of your proposal you will need to submit code repos to these two tasks



(Ashiv Gupta) #58

Hello , I am Ashiv looking for a GSoC project to which I could contribute to. Let me know if any project with my skill matches as I have profound knowledge of PHP and its frameworks , Javascript, Web Scrapping, Mysql, Linux , and Frontend technologies. My github link is - Github

(Amitabh Tiwari) #59

Hello this is Amitabh. I’am a first year graduate student in IIIT,Bangalore specializing in Information Technology. I have worked as a java developer and have expertise in NodeJs,Java and other web development technologies. Looking forward to work with librehealth this year.

Github Profile:

Linkedin Profile :

Thanks and Regards !

(Priyanshu Sinha) #60

Hi @amitabh27, welcome to the community!! I think you should go for Radiology project. Please take a look at : REST JSON to FHIR JSON Mapping Implementation

(Deeksha Tiwari) #61

Hii, I m Deeksha Tiwari first year B.Tech CSE student in Lovely Professional University. I Know Java C C++ mysql and eagerly waiting for new opportunities and i m also a fast learnrer .Please let me know if i can do any project my email id LinkedIn profile -:

(Yash D. Saraf) #62

Hi, I’m Yash Saraf, this is my second time participating in GSoC.
I worked for AboutCode last year helping them build a plugin architecture in python. I’ve used Java (Spring boot, Spring MVC, Spring JPA, Spring OAuth), Javascript (Vanilla, Node and Angular 4) in my projects.
Although my recent focus has been geared towards web development, I’ve worked with desktop and console apps as well. I’m going through the projects list now and am really excited to work for LibreHealth this summer. :slight_smile:
Here’s my github handle:

(D3rvun1x) #63

Hi, am Batey Martin from Douala Cameroon computer engineering student at Institute superieur des technologies avancees(ESG) Cameroon. I am so exited to be part of this wonderful community . Am fluent in html5, JavaScript, css3 , php, sql,c#. Am interested in GSOCing with librehealth so as to boost my experience in open source.

(Terry Hill) #64

@D3rvun1x join the chat here . Download the code from GitHub here . Install the code locally. Look at the issues on github and see which ones you can work on. Theprojects for GSoC are listed on the forum. Welcome Aboard.

(Art Eaton) #65

Hi Batey, If any more folks from Cameroon or Buea University show up here, we are going to have to host a convention there one day.