Ready, set, code!


The coding period has begun. This post will highlight the expectations we have of you to remain in good standing.

  1. This year’s program is shorter (10 weeks) and expects you to work around 18 hours/week on average. Familiarize yourself with the timeline and ensure you mark them on your calendar. I will make reminder posts. We set soft deadlines. They are typically 3 days prior to the actual deadline. A reminder post will be posted when the evaluation periods open.

  2. Starting 11 June 2021, you must complete Google Summer of Code 2021 Weekly Feedback every Friday at 11:59 pm UTC. There is a 24 hour grace period since we are in a pandemic. Do not miss these. If we see that you are not progressing, missing weekly reports and blog posts is a factor in whether or not we fail you.

  3. You must blog at least once weekly as well. The weekly status reports are for us to detect if you are struggling and/or behind on your timeline.

Welcome to LibreHealth and we hope you have a blast this summer.