Project: Scaling up the mobileHBS/DHIS2 Tracker and Trainer applications

Project thread for Project: Scaling up the mobileHBS/DHIS2 Tracker and Trainer applications

@bhavesh3005sharma this is where you will communicate – you may also use our chat. I am considering this Jitsi meet room public if you need video conferencing.

Thanks, @r0bby . Welcome, @bhavesh3005sharma !


Dr. Sherri

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Thank you for providing me with such a great opportunity to work with LibreHealth. I am excited to work on this project. Since I had applied to a different project and get shifted to this one, therefore currently I don’t have much knowledge of this project. I will go through the details of this project and try to get familiar with its code.

Once again thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It will defiantly enhance my learning.

Post drafts to your project plan here @bhavesh3005sharma

The idea is we want everything to be public.

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Does I have to merge 1118 commits of iupui-soic/ dhis2-android-trackercapture into 699 commits of its parent repo dhis2/ dhis2-android-trackercapture?? Both of them have different commit history.

Can we have a video Conference or meet to discuss the things? @shbucher @r0bby @sunbiz

I cannot answer this so it’s going to have to be @shbucher or @sunbiz

okay, thanks @r0bby. @shbucher @sunbiz please answer that question so that we can start as early as possible.

@shbucher & @sunbiz?

Be patient. The coding period has not even begun yet.

@bhavesh3005sharma , you don’t have to merge all the changes. You can choose to merge the changes or rework the changes that we have made, into the new DHIS2 mobile app. You can look at these options and suggest the pros and cons of these approaches.

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For mHBS/DHIS-2 Tracker App that we are using for data collection can’t we use the DHIS-2 app? As like our old repo iupui-soic/dhis2-android-trackercapture is a previous version of dhis2/ dhis2-android-capture-app with slight modifications like app name, logo and option to redirect to our 3 other apps.

We make a new repo that is forked from dhis2/ dhis2-android-capture-app which has all the latest code and then we make the changes that we need on it. I think this way takes less time and in future it is easy for us to pull changes from dhis2/ dhis2-android-capture-app to our new repo as it is a forked version of that.

I had written a blog on Community Bonding at LibreHealth. Hello everyone, I am glad to share that… | by Bhavesh Sharma | May, 2021 | Medium :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, this is what I wrote in my last message. The last version allowed us to track all the launches of the trainer and other related apps that were added to the menu. That is important functionality, which I am unsure can be implemented in the new app. Please check if that’s possible.

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Yes in the new version of dhis2 dhis2/ dhis2-android-capture-app we can make the changes like app name, app logo, package name, adding a feature to open our 3 other apps, etc. and it is well updated with the latest version. The only thing required is a forked repo of dhis2/ dhis2-android-capture-app .

Shall I make a forked repo and do the necessary changes there or you will be providing me a forked repo with contributor access for that?

Please create a new repo in your local GitHub/GitLab and send an MR so that we can create a new branch.

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okay, I will do all these things and let you know.

@sunbiz what are the features needed to be added to the trainer app and tracker app??

For the mHBS tracker app, all the mHBS metadata is already in the bmgfdev instance. Please check all the forms are working correctly.

The mHBS trainer should be able to take the data that is in the instance Resources and show them as video, image or other formats in the Media tab.

Do you have a merge request for the upstream changes with the mHBS tracker changes? That should be first thing to deal with?

Yes I had made the changes I will be sending that MR by tomorrow evening