Project: Report Generator


The current system has a few standard reports and offers no ability to change them except by someone versed in the code.

We need to have a report generator for the users. The users need to be able to use a drag and drop approach to creating their own reports. The user will need the Ability specify the type of output for the report generator CSV, PDF are a couple of examples.

Technical requirements

  1. Mysql
  2. PHP
  3. Jquery
  4. Html
  5. CSS


  1. The student will need to submit a series of PR’s for the report generator.

Mentors: @aethelwulffe @tony @teryhill


Adaptability: I think the right approach to make it self-maintaining is for it to parse the table schemas and make those elements available. This will immediately give some minimal utility for making simple one-table reports. Add column order sorting and exports, and you have something useful already. Add direct editing capability, and you have a tool.

Hi, I would like to take up this project. I’d like the mentors to give me a start on this one.

Hi!! I am interested in your project and fit for it because I recently created a website for my college…that’s why i am in hot working state!! I kindly request mentors to provide me with detailed information and guidelines at my email so that I could start working for it from now only.

Thank You !!

It is up to the GSoC participant to formulate the proposal based on the project. You will choose the tools, and out line a time line and scope of work.

Hello @teryhill I want to know more about the project means its specifications and begin with the project under your guidance. Please help

We are looking for a “Drag and Drop” report generating tool. The software currently has no means for the user to design and implement their own reports. We would like to have a report repository where the user can build , store and execute their reports .

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Means can it have its own UI and woking type? How can I start with it? Should I use any framework or language or any specific?

The code base is in PHP, JS, HTML, CSS . IT is preferred that the code be native PHP when possible. This could be built as a self contained module. I would suggest that you use the Chat for this as you will be limited to the number of reply’s you can make here.

Okay sure. I have started with this project and will update you with this regularly.I will try to make a better application to use and include all desired features. Looking forward for your guidance.

Would be glad to look at your proposal and project design. We do require that you contribute code before we can evaluate your proposal for GSoC so look at the issues on github.

@teryhill I have cloned the repo and started writing code for it. Should I pull and push the code in the GitHub repository directly?
And one more thing can I change the UI of the report generator section?

yes use github. We don’t currently have a report generation section for LibreHealthEHR

Use branches for github

@teryhill I will give you the regular updates on this as I will work continuously and with true hard work for this project. And also I will push the code in GitHub repo as the tasks are done.

This is a GSoC project, you must submit a proposal to do the work. There are others that want to do this also. Look at the current issues on the github account and see if you want/can fix any of them.

HI @NirmalKumarJoshi , its good that you are planning to do this project. But listen to what @teryhill is saying. You need to submit a proposal for this and then you can proceed according to your drafted proposal. So that is another process, not go into it right now. What we want from you is :

  1. Become an active member of community. (Ask where you get stuck and help others if they face any issue.)
  2. Show us your tech skills. For this you can clone our github repo and start fixing issues listed in issue tracker.

After that, you need to submit proposal for whatever you want (lets consider this only), and if that proposal got selected, work on it. Hope this clears. :slight_smile:

Report generator will have to be a native JS application, unless it is an external builder tool. I would not want to tell a hard-core C++ dev that they could not build an external tool for creating the form code. Power and speed are very important. Compiled C is a lot better for this sort of thing than a web-resource…but there are many approaches that can be used.

This is not necessarily a nail. It could be thought of as a screw or a bolt. If you use screwdrivers or wrenches instead of a hammer, please use that tool. :sunglasses:

Also important to note: This is CLOSELY associated with the need for a REPORT GENERATOR. EDIT: I mean FORM GENERATOR…

Issue 998 has some things that can be done to prepare for this project. @NirmalKumarJoshi

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I am working on it. I will update you soon.