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(Nirmal Github) #21

Hello, I am facing problem fixing this.

(Terry Hill) #22

Please use the chat for your questions

(Subhajit Mondal) #23

@teryhill I an excited to work in the Report Generator. Can anyone provide me the GitHub Repository Link. I am unable to find it.

Thank You

(Bayu Sulistyo) #24

Hy my name is Bayu, i am from Indoensia,Mentor @teryhill i wanna join this project how can i start it ? can anyone help me about this ?

Thank You

(Priyanshu Sinha) #25

@flippy16 First clone git repo and build it on your local system. Get yourself familiar with the codebase, look at open issues and try to fix them. #998 is related to this. Also ask your queries on chat.

(Tigpezeghe Rodrige Kwenchu) #26

We were thinking of ‘baby-moving’ EHR to Laravel. So I think if we’re all in for Laravel, then any work for done for EHR should be Laravel.

At least work that wouldn’t affect the EHR repo directly now. For example, the Report generator and Form generator can be Laravel based projects.

These tools are to be external tools, at least for now.

We discuss more on the Laravel thing, with lots of involvement form @pri2si17 , then I’ll edit my proposal accordingly.

(Priyanshu Sinha) #27

I would suggest to open a new thread on forum, we can have open discussion there. Chat is little messy to follow. @Trodrige :slight_smile:

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